“Is it true,” Sara asked her husband after the hundredth earthquake they had this week. Even for California this is unusual, and all the signs show that it was true.
    All the murders that are said to be the cause of this earthquake, that everyone has gone mad, but Sara and her husband knew better. Also, Sara’s husband was taught to watch for the signs, since he was a wise man and was close to God.
    His name was Demetri Garden, and he grew up with only his father. His mother was killed by his father because she was possessed by a demon when he was only 2 years old. Demetri’s goal is to find out which demon it is, which is why in his heart, he wished it was true.
    The world was doomed without them. Maybe that was God’s plan, was to doom the remainder by Satan’s minions. Demetri shook his head at the very idea.
    “Demetri,” Sara called her husband’s name again with more worry. It scared her when he didn’t answer. He remained silenced, still holding his grip on the kitchen counter. They lived in a small house in San Diego, California. They were an elderly couple, been married for 31 years now.
    Sara paced slowly to Demetri to put her hand on his shoulder. She stopped herself from saying another word as the house shook less violently than before. Sara already made her house earthquake proof after the first two incidents.
    Demetri had a vision during that earthquake, of a location and faces with names but that was it. He needed no other information, he already knew his command.
    He rushed for his notebook and pen in his study after the earthquake. Sara grew anxious and finally she blurted out, “what of all that is mighty is wrong Demetri.”
    “He’s done it, he’s send them back,” Demetri whispered in an admiring voice as he scribbled his information on his note book.
    Comprehension flickered on Sara’s face. She was speechless. Her emotions were mixed, relief for the world but worry for her husband whose job has become as dangerous as changing fate.
    Demetri set his notebook on his desk and set his hand on his wife’s cheek and whispered, “Goodbye, my love. I have been sent to Utah, where I will find the predictor, the seeker, and the lucky one.”