• Once upon a time,there was a young sailor.He grew at ships and docks,highly raising his sailing skill.One time he was in a large city searching a knot-maker to buy ropes,when suddenly he saw a very tall tower.Using his sea-scope,he looked high on the balcony and saw a blond,beautiful girl in blue clothes.As she saw him looking at her that way...
    She got mad and went downstairs very quickly,calling for her rich father.She accused him as a pervert,as he was watching her broom herself.As her father had much influence,nothing the pirates,sailors and friends of the young man could do to fight the guards as they threw the man into the sea,shooting arrows with their bows.
    On his withdrawal,the young man swam away from the arrows to the depths of the sea,where he got drown and died.Then suddenly,on what seemed a long time past,the young man now elder,opened his eyes to see the bright of a mermaid's face,looking stainlessly at him,as he was breathing underwater.She spoke to him and told him what had happened,as she saw everything.The mermaid had cast a curse on him,one that would revive someone unfairly killed,but kill the bearer of the curse once he had revenge on his death.He did not care about his life,but about all the curious sailors who were dead in the bottom of the sea,and all the ones who would be.As he thought this,he swam as fast as he could to the beach.The beautiful mermaid followed him as she pledged him to stay with her,thing he could not do.The he emerged to see the city even bigger,with guards staring at him as he emerged.The guards unseamed their swords and grabbed their bows and arrows,and started fervently trying to kill the Seaman all the ways possible,without result.
    He just walked beside the terrorized and frenzied guards as he approached the tall tower,in a slide-walking movement .Full of algae and colorful ocean objects,he was able to blight guards with his shine,while deflecting attacks with water.As he was beside the door to the tower,he stepped back and watched an old,greasy-haired woman,staring back at him.The women started slowly walking downstairs,as she opened the door to the Seaman.
    She said she was very sorry for what her daughter had caused to him.The man stood immobile surrounded by heavily armored guards.He started walking a large path to the graveyard of the city,where he found 13 gravestones,one rich merchant,one merchant wife,one beautiful princess,5 swordsmen and 5 Bowmen.
    As he saw this,followed by a large amount of attentive guards and curious villagers,he sat on the ground watching the graves.He stood there for 13 hours,watching each grave for 1 hour.after that,with some guards watching him and a couple of curious kids,he started slide-walking again to the beach.he dived in,searched the mermaid and found her sitting on a stone,staring lovely at him.He approached her and kissed her and...well...
    They lived happy ever after... heart