• All paths are decided by destiny and altered by fate. However, there are some that are strayed from this path and create their own, whether by accident or on purpose. Those who have strayed from this cycle of life, death, and rebirth are the Immortals. Whereas a normal human's soul would be reincarnated with no memories of its former life, these Immortals simply stay the exact same way they were when they became immortal…for eternity.

    He glanced up at the sky so endless and vast. How long had it been since he had left? Years? Decades? He was laying down under a large tree with gigantic branches with healthy, green leaves sparkling with the morning dew. The grass below him rippled as if it were a green sea. Flowers of various colors and shapes surrounded him in the empty field. He raised his arm over his head to shield his oceanic eyes from the bright, warm ball of light called the sun. It was the same way the day he had lost his mortality, the day he had been forced to become an Immortal.

    He was surrounded by leafless trees as he played around, smiling as if the future that would to come in the next few years would not happen, as if he would just be filled with this euphoria forever. The colorful leaves crunching under his small feet told you that it was autumn.
    The boy playing here, his blue eyes sparkling with
    pure joy, loved all seasons. In winter, sparkling, white snow covered the ground, each flake with it own unique design whether you saw it or not. In summer, the sun was brighter than before and seemed to give off a sense of ecstasy. In spring, everything seemed to be reborn after the cold harshness of winter and it was simply just a rebirth. In autumn, leaves fell in multifarious colors as if to create a rainbow falling upon the world.
    It was as if this moment would last forever, never end, but everything that begins must end. And this memory was no different....


    He strolling down a street just on his way home. He glanced up at the sky so endless and vast. It was dotted with fluffy, white clouds almost like the fluffy pillows you see in cartoons. The sun shined brilliantly beside the purely white clouds that seemed like soft cotton within your favorite teddy bear.
    "Hullo boy," greeted an elderly man. He had a long, white beard growing from his chin, and he was so skinny that you could see his bones. His white hair only remained on the sides of his head, the top having disappeared and covered by a black top hat. Along with the black top hat, he wore a tuxedo with a red bow that seemed to stand out against the black jacket and pants as well as the white collared shirt. His teeth were yellowing and some lost. His beady, black eyes seemed to be just two black pit of darkness with no escape. If you looked into them, you would regret, remember the painful memories, feel
    "Hello sir," replied the blue-eyed boy who had his black hair each strand about two inches long. The boy had a bad feeling about this, especially when he had glanced just once at those black, beady eyes that seemed to be filled with overwhelming darkness. He wanted to get as far away from here as he could.
    "Here. You seem deserving of this," the man stated in his cracked, old voice as he handed the boy a pendant which was an amethyst that seemed to contain darkness itself with the black area right inside it hanging from a beautifully-made black silk necklace. "Take it, or I'll be feeling down."
    It was not good to upset strangers, especially ones that scared you, so the boy grasped the pendant and an electric shock circulated throughout his body. "Ow!" cried out the black-haired boy. The long-bearded man smiled.
    "I'm glad you accepted. Now, all contestants have been chosen." The white-haired man disappeared as if he had never existed.


    Each Immortal has their own special ability, discovered or not. It's not the one-time ability but an ability that will stay with them for the eternity that they live. Some can transform while others can use the Elements—water, air, fire, and earth. Though they seem to simply want to live peacefully, some Immortals fight each other with their special ability. That's when they found out: Immortals can only be killed at the hands of another Immortal.

    And there he laid, remembered the past, the past that he regretted so much. Suddenly, he heard footsteps. "Who's there?" he inquired. Immediately, his hands each turned into a clawed dragon hand with blue scales.
    "Silly boy," a deep, masculine voice drifted through the wind. The black-haired boy's eyes widened as he felt heat coming from behind him. As he turned around, he saw a huge fireball racing towards him. He wouldn't be able to dodge. As the blazing, red fireball reached him, he no longer walked with those of the mortal world. When the blue-eyed boy had reached death, there was nothing but darkness.

    ((This was based originally on a story I wrote [under the same username] on FanFiction dot Net.))