• The last thing I saw before I died was a bright lights and car honk.

    When I woke up I found myself in a white room. In the white room was a man in a black suit, behind a big desk. In front of the big desk was a black button and a golden key. Then the man in the black suit pointed to a chair in front of the desk. I sat down and stared at the man's blue eyes. Then the man spoke in a beautiful calm voice, "Please choose. The black button or the golden key. If you choose the black button you will get one million dollars, but someone will die." I looked at the man, puzzled. "If you choose the golden key you will leave this room, and never see me and the one million dollars ever again." I stared at the black button and golden key, pondering. Then the man in the black suit transformed, he grew black wings, a beak and claws. I just sat there terrfied. Then the man yelled in a horrible eerie voice," Choose the black button! Choose the black button." Then my hand and arm started moving slowly toward the black button. Then I heard a tiny voice in my head say," Don't do it. Don't do it! If you pick the black button you'll regret it!" Then I quickly pulled back my hand and reached for the golden key. The man transforemed back into a beautiful angel. Then he pointed towards a golden gate. I sat up and walked towards the golden gate, but when I tried to open it, it would not open. Then I remembered the golden key, and pulled it out of my poket. I put the key in the lock and it opened. I walked in, and I found myself in a beautiful land of clouds. Then I understood, I died and now i'm in heaven. The room I was in before was a jugment room, and the last memories I had before I got in the jugment room was my cause of death.

    No matter what, even if your going through a hard time you still have that little person in you head.