• Jaidlyn is walking behind her two friends Alexis and Denise. Alexis looks behind towards Jaidlyn and says "it comes from behind." All of a sudden Jaidlyn sees this black shadow come from behind, out of the corner of her eye.

    As soon as the shadow gets right behind Jaidlyn, everything goes black. She wakes up and she's laying in between Alexis and Denise covered in blood. Alexis and Denise are covered in blood. Jaidlyn doesn't even try to prove to herself that they are no longer alive, because she knows they aren't. She stands up, and looks northwest and she sees a man. It looked as though the man was wearing a white toga, but the weird thing about him was that he had a glow around him. A bright white glow surrounded him.

    As soon as Jaidlyn starts to move toward the man, she opens her eyes. She realizes she's laying in her bed, and sits up and wonders "Who was that man?"