• The Inside Scoop

    As everyone in the city of Verona may know, the Montagues and the Capulets feud are still going on. It is hard to tell when the war between the two is going to end, not even a psychic can predict it. According to the Prince, there has been yet again another fierce battle between the two families around nine o’clock this morning. Receiving valuable information from a Capulet servant Peter, there is to be a masquerade ball for most of the Capulets to attend. Later on after the ball I seen young Romeo talking to who seems like Juliet Capulet on a balcony, but what happened to Rosaline. Do you want to know, well do you? Then read on for more info from the inside scoop on how the city may change forever.

    The Monday Morning Brawl –Monday, 9:08a.m.

    According to the Prince of Verona there was another fight between the Montagues and the Capulets, the third one to be exact. From one of my reliable source, he had said, “It was like apes trapped in a cage, wrestling over the last banana.” I heard, if another fight took place between the two, the Prince will have them killed. Wow, I wonder how they will die. Maybe they might get their head chopped off, eww that has to be gruesome. How will the Prince prevent them from fighting again? It’s not like they’re going to make peace all of a sudden.

    The Masquerade Ball –Monday, 4:33p.m.

    Later on in the evening, while I was still doing research on the morning fight, I witnessed Peter, a Capulet servant wondering around town. I approached him; he had a list of people who should attend the Capulet’s Masquerade Ball in one hand and a stack of invitations in the other. What he said had shocked me. That poor boy doesn’t know how to read, and the Capulets sent him out here and expects him to get these entire invitations delivered in time. Hold on, if Peter can’t read, then he isn’t purchasing any of my articles, which means I’m making less money. Oh well, but since I am a nice guy, I decided to help him.
    By the time we got all of the invitations handed out the ball was just beginning. There were a couple of invitations left so I decided to take one for myself. So I started to get dressed and look fancy. When I got there, there were a lot of people and beautiful girls. What really caught my attention was a fight about to take place. It seem like Tybalt was getting angry for some reason. Luckily Mr. Capulet stopped him before he got out of control. While he was leaving, what I have seen almost made my eyes popped out. It was Romeo Montague kissing Juliet Capulet, mortal enemies. I had a lot of questions on my mind, what happened with Romeo and Rosaline? Why were Romeo and Juliet kissing? Will this kiss between these two settle the feud or just make it worse?

    The Capulet’s Balcony –Monday, 8:26p.m.

    Towards the end of the day, with darkness approaching, I was getting a little tired. After the ball, on my walk back home I was thinking on how great this day has been. With all of this information I found out, there is no doubt this will be the best article of Verona yet. Although, I still want to learn more about that Romeo and Juliet, it looks like they’re up to something and I’m going to find out what. Coincidentally, while I was walking I spotted Romeo on the Capulet’s territory. So I started following him, keeping a low profile and trying not to get noticed. He stopped in front of a balcony, hiding behind a tree. Then I realized it was Juliet on the balcony. Wow, what a stalker Romeo is, I thought. Surprisingly he came out of hiding and confronted Juliet. Then they started talking about getting married. At that very moment it hit me, they were in love. heart

    The End

    So now that I have collected all of these facts I can now start putting this all into the article for the Verona Tribune. Finally all my questions have been answered. This might actually be the greatest story ever, “The life and times of Young Romeo and Juliet”. This can’t be the end, but a new beginning for these two. With a strong relationship as these two, they might be together forever. And maybe their two families will soon stop this eternal feud. Until next time, this is your reporter Alazae M. to bring you the inside scoop of the Montagues and the Capulets.