• Haven- Noun. A place of safety or refuge. A place offering favorable opprotunities or conditions.

    Telios. A massive city spanning miles in all directions. Telios is a paradise for the broken, a haven for the lost, and a place of sanctuary. The founder and leader of this great city is Nikolai Egétes, a hero to his people. Under his rule, Telios prospered and flourished into the purely amazing place it is now. Nikolai takes residence in the glorious White Spire, a tower that rises majestically out of the center of Telios. Today is a very special day in Telios' Grand Square. An event that not many people get to attend in Telios. Today was the day of a public execution.

    People gathered around the center of the square to see the show. Two people, a man and a woman, stand accused of inciting rebellion amongst Telios' people. The masses cry for blood, and the elite force of Telios, the Talon Corps, is more than happy to oblige. The couple stand atop of makeshift gallows, with soldiers standing on either side of them. These soldiers in particular were very strange, as their eyes glowed with a radiant gold. The man stood silent as the soldiers got closer, while the woman's breath quickened into a panicked pace. "Everything will be alright, dear.", the man said in an effort to reassure her. The woman calmed down and asked the man, "Will Dawn be okay?" The man sighed and looked at the White Spire in the distance. "She's a smart girl, I'm sure she'll find somewhere safe.", the man responded.

    A high-ranking soldier began to address the couple. "You are both accused of inciting rebellion amongst the people, and compromising the very foundation upon which Nikolai Egétes, our great leader, built this great city! The city has found you guilty, and you are both sentenced to death!" The soldier got in very close to the man and asked him a simple question. "Do you have any last words?", he asked. The man stared at the soldier's eyes in complete silence. "Very well. I have to say, for an insurgent, I admire your bravery.", the soldier said before looking at the golden-eyed soldiers and giving the command "Do it." The gold-eyed men placed their hands on the couple's heads, and twisted their heads around at blinding speed. With a sickening crack, the couples' necks broke and their bodies fell limply to the ground. After a moment of silence, a gigantic cheer rose out of the crowd...