• ~Prologue~

    I was only five when I fell love. He was a friend that lives in the apartment across to mine. I lived in apartment number 113 and he lives in 114. Of course, no one knew I was in love with him. His name was Ryuu. True, he was five years older than me but still, to me, age as nothing to do with love. I kept that a secret for five more years. That's, when I told him I loved him. But instead, finding out my fifteen years old secret lover had a girlfriend. Heart broken, I turned my back on everything. Now, I was always a smart student in my class but every since that happened, my gredes went down. And I don't mean form and A to a B.....I ment from A to F. My grade dropped quickly and it was painfulness. I vowed from that day on never to fall in love again. But that all changed when my family moved to the U.S.