• Next Day:

    School went pretty bad. Everyone was asking me questions about me and Grant.

    “Oh why did he break up with you?” “Aw sweetie I’m so sorry!” “He’s such a jerk! I don’t know why you ever went out with him.” and then there was a rumor going around that he broke up with me because I wouldn’t ‘do it’. It was a load of bullshit! I was sick of it! Zane and I didn’t talk or even really look at each other. We both knew we need to have our freedom until tomorrow. I got home and sighed as I went into my room. My cell rang and I picked it up.

    “What?” I asked annoyed.

    “Oh is that how you treat your fake boyfriend now?” I closed my eyes and sighed once again.

    “Zane,” I said

    “Olivia,” I could hear the amusement in his voice. “I’m coming to pick you up about 7 tomorrow so be ready.” He said sternly. Like a father.

    “And what if I’m not?” I challenged. He seemed shocked to hear me say that.

    “Do you want to no if you don’t?” he threatened. His voice was so calm and seductive. I decided I didn’t.

    “Whatever bye,”

    “Wear something good tomorrow OK?” I almost gasped again. I glared at the wall ahead of me.

    “I’ll wear what I freaking want to!” I yelled and hung up. I shook my head biting my lip. What is so wrong with my clothes?! I looked down at my pants and stood up. I went to my full length mirror and saw the baggy jeans sliding off my hips. The shirt I had had paint splotches on it. Maybe I do need to get some more clothes. I thought of Grant and Kendra together today. I narrowed my eyes and grabbed my keys and my parent’s credit car and left for the mall.

    I got a lady from my favorite shop to help me pick out some good clothes for my body type. She had said I was the perfect shape for this pretty short red and white polka-a-dot summer dress. I think I fell in love with it before I even put it on. They only had one in stock.

    “Oh my gosh! It’s perfect! I knew it would fit you! And it’s the last one.” I twirled in the mirror looking like a model. I hate my baggy jeans. I smiled.

    “I’ll take it.” the lady picked out millions of jeans and basically tore off my other jeans I had been wearing. She picked out a whole bunch of tight pretty and skimpy shirts. I knew my clothes in my closet were going to be thrown away for my new clothes. These were better. I hated wearing clothes like this but now I didn’t care. I wanted to impress Grant and make him want me back. He is going want me back for shirt. Once he sees me in that red dress….he is totally mine! I looked in the mirror. I was going to look like a sexy Olivia Taylor tomorrow.


    I heard the car door shut and I raced across the room to look out the window. Zane walked up to the door wearing his famous black leather jacket his hair messy in a good way. The doorbell rang. I grinned as I grabbed my new purse and put on my Avaortor sunglasses and headed down the stairs. I almost tripped with the black boots I was wearing. I took a deep breath then opened up the door. Zane was looking at something but quickly averted his eyes on me. I stood sexually by the door. His blue eyes were wide and he looked over me a couple times.

    “Olivia?” he asked. I smirked and put up my sunglasses.

    “Yes?” I asked my voice higher pitched, more girlie. I decided on wearing tight black jeans with a red strapless shirt with a big bow on my breast. Plus a pair of high black boots. His eyes were as wide as I ever saw them.

    “Damn, Taylors!” he said as I moved past him.

    “Eat your heart out.” I said and put down my sunglasses. I heard him laugh and ran after me. He grabbed my waist before I could get in the car and pushed me up against it. I gasped. “Get off me!” he looked down on me his hands still on my waist. He was about two inches taller then me maybe less so we were almost at eye level. He looked up in my eyes. He wiggled his eyebrows.

    “You’re looking hot today. I’ve done well.” I rolled my eyes but they were wasted on him since I had sunglasses on. His leg moved between my legs and my breath caught. “Now if we can get you going….” I pushed him back and he laughed. “Kidding!” he said putting his hands up.

    “Whatever! Let’s just go so we can get this over with.” I got in his car and then he got in. Zane kept looking at me as we drove. We got to the parking lot and everyone was going inside. We both got out and slung my backpack over my shoulder. Zane came around to me and sighed.

    “You’re right I can’t believe we are doing this.” he mumbled. I nodded. I reached to grab his hand but he jerked it away.

    “Give me your damn hand!” I muttered as people started to see us. He rolled his eyes and took my hand. Surprisingly they fit together perfectly. Don’t get any ideas Olivia. I threatened myself. We started to walk. Not to closer together but enough that sometimes I would feel his arm hit mine. People gapped at us as we walked up the steps.

    “Hey man!” Zane called and waved to a friend of his. I smiled and calmly walked by. We went into the school and everyone stopped and looked directly at us. I took off my sunglasses everyone started to whispered.

    “Who’s the hot chick?”

    “Is she new?”

    “Dude, I bet she’s from France!”

    “Man I’d like to tap that!” the mummers were all around. I felt good today. I felt confident. Zane walked me to my locker and spun me around. I wanted to yell but saw eyes on us.

    “Honey,” Zane said in a sweet voice.

    “Yes baby?” I asked touching his arm. He looked surprised and cleared his throat.

    “I’ll take your books so you don’t have to worry about them,” I smiled.

    “Sure,” I handed him over all my books and smirk. They were heavy. He grunted slightly.

    “Come on,” he muttered. I took his hand but it unbalanced him but I didn’t care. I wasn’t carrying my books.