• Well, it all begun when I went to sleep on the right side of bed. I woke up on the left. Oh, mercy...I started the day with a bang, but then it got on VERY badly.

    When I went to school, the first thing I got annoyed of was Charlotte. She was standing at the gates and saying, "Oh, thank goodness your here," when the teacher was here, but "Ugh you baby," when the teacher had gone.
    I got stressed then thumped her. Then I smacked her, and it turned into a fight.
    I kicked her, punched her...then my thumb and legs hurt, so I went to the porch.
    They called it the cloakroom. Charlotte never hung around it. I huddled inside with my friends.
    "Oh, God," I said. "That was unnecessary."
    "We were cheering you on," Rachel told me. "That Charlotte is so mean."
    "No," said Holly, who was Charlotte's best friend but my friend. "She's ever so nice. I couldn't have a best friend without her."
    "You'd have us," said Rachel disapprovingly. I disapproved, too, of Holly being Charlotte's best friend instead of ours.
    "Just for Christ sake go and warn her not to hurt me. If she does, I'm really going to hurt her."
    "Kick her where it hurts. Do that," said Rachel, "she deserves it."
    I got frustrated. I ran to class in tears.

    At lunch, I got my lunchbox and grabbed a seat where Charlotte usually sits. She got angry with me and yelled at me. Then she smacked me and went off to find another seat.
    I opened up the box and ate my sandwich and crisps. Then I saw there were strawberries.
    Yuck! How did that get in there?

    crying My BF dumped me...could the day get worse?

    sweatdrop The day was bad...I'd hope tomorrow was better.