• In the creation of the Milky Way galaxy 7 planets, 1 dwarf, and a very bright star were born. On each planet/dwarf/very bright star had their different types of life beginning to grow. The natives of each planet fought each other to which species would rule over the whole universe. This battle was the worst ever fought, millions of people died every day and it seemed as though it would never end. God saw the war that had broken out amongst the planets and immediately put an end to it. In a way to unify the people of the 7 planets, the dwarf, and very bright star, God did two things.

    The first thing he did was create an 8th planet and each of the 7 planets, the dwarf, and very bright star donated their native animals to the new planet. The donated animals were:

    Sun (Very bright star)-lions

    Mercury- cats and dogs

    Venus – bulls and cows

    Mars- rams

    Jupiter- mice

    Saturn- elephants

    Uranus- birds

    Neptune- turtles, whales, and fish

    Pluto (The Dwarf) - scorpions

    God created several other creatures on the new planet and even special new type of creatures called humans. These humans would populate the new planet now called Earth and would grow never knowing the creatures living outside of their own little world to keep them protected from war. God also created the Moon to protect the Earth. Earth became a sanctuary for refugee creatures that couldn’t live on their own planets and was off limits in times of any galactic wars.

    The second thing God did was create the Guardian. The Guardian is a person born from one of the 8 planets, Pluto, or the Sun who is given a great amount of power to protect the entire Milky Way Galaxy. The Guardian would either have the power of Fire, Air, Earth, or Water. The job Guardian is passed on every 1,000 years in this cycle:

    Sun- Fire

    Mercury- Air

    Venus- Earth

    Moon/Earth- Water

    Mars- Fire

    Jupiter- Fire

    Saturn- Earth

    Uranus- Air

    Neptune- Water

    Pluto- Water

    The child destined to be the Guardian is recognized with a birthmark that is in the shape of their planets symbol. Thanks to the creation of Earth and the Guardian cycle the universe has come to a truce and the planets have lived in peace with one another (Not including individual wars where its native species versus native species) for millions of years though there are some who want to end this peace.