• The train came so fast, it was almost like it just appeared there. Probably because it did. I just wasn't paying attention. A poster caught my eye, and it just went downhill from there. A.D.D. sucks. I heard the screech of the train, so I decided I needed a break from town. The train was rather bumpy, and there were thugs in the next car over, so it wasn't a pleasant trip. Suddenly, I heard a voice coming from the front of the train. "Hello? I'm looking for an Aaron." I came up to the front. "Uh... that would be me." The driver looked at me like i was some kind of monster. "Oh, i didn't think you were a girl..." It's hard to have naturally pink hair, but as usual, I managed it. My general idea of an outfit was a purple-ish jacket and pants, along with a, you guessed it, purple beanie. I also have pink hair, with black tips and very pale, almost flour white, skin. And yet, I'm a boy. "I'M NOT A GIRL!!!" The man looked at me puzzled for a moment. Truth be told, I didn't think he was out of his teenage years. He looked 16."Ah..... the Great Warrior looks like this?"
    What the heck was the dude talking about?!
    Was it about my past? 'Cuz i have no idea how I lost my memory or why, i just did. I even forgot my Birthday. I think I'm 16, too. "What do you mean Great Warrior? I asked, "And who ARE you anyways?"
    "Oh, sorry, I'm Ed, nice to meet you."

    "And, so, I'm this 13th Court Jester, AND this supposed Great Warrior?" I asked, "And i have to save the world from these soul-eating creatures called Lethos?"
    Ed looked at me, obviously stumped by my lack of imagination.
    "Don't Believe me?" He asked.
    "Not at all. I mean, what the eff have you been smoking?""
    "Here, this'll prove it"
    And at that very momentm a flash of light came towards me, and all of a sudden, we were standing on the train tracks with the train heading towards us! "Hey, this is scary!"
    "Don't worry, just watch me."
    Ed fell to the ground, but another guy was in his place.
    He looked a bit older, and his hair covered his eyes. He was very tall, with flip-flops, a white T-shirt, and jeans.
    Then, he dashed to the train, sword in his hands, and his sword turned glowing red. He sliced through the train fast enough that most people wouldn't have seen him. Of course, all this time I was closing my eyes expecting to die at any moment. Death never came to my little tea party.
    When i didn't get hit, I opened my eyes, and saw one half of the train on one side of me, and the other on the other side of me. Both had the metal burning where they were cut.
    "Okay, now I believe you."
    "I thought so."
    "One more thing, who are you really?"
    "12th Court Jester Edward Flame, element: Fire. So, what's your name?"
    "Um.. Sayorien. But i prefer Aaron."