• We only had like two hours of our plane ride left and I was sad about that. I was thinking of asking him where he was staking but I decided against it. He must have seen the on my face because right then he asked if something was wrong. No, nothing is wrong.
    The flight attendant told everyone to please take his or her seats; the plane was going to be landing shortly. The plane landed at 8:00 pm that night. Jill told me to look out the window and when I did, I saw the lights of Paris. It all looked so beautiful. The walk to the luggage clam was fast, mine and Jill’s where some of the firsts out. Right after mine Marcus’s luggage came. They looked like they could come out of a Count Dracula movie. Old, leather and they had a faint sent of olives. Well I hope you have a good time in Paris. Marcus said as he turned and started to walk away. I hope you have a good time to. I said with a smile.
    A man wearing a long black cloak bumped into me. The hood of his cloak was drone over his head. The zipper went from his neck all the way down to the mid sexton of his black boots. His boots cloak and gloves where all leather and all were tight fitting. He didn’t seem to notice that he bumped into me. When he finally noticed he turned and looked into my eyes. When he did, I couldn’t look away and when he said sorry and looked away, I know what he was going to do. In a panic, I told Jill to stay right here, and I started running to Marcus and when I ran past the man in the cloak, he started to walk faster. I cot up with Marcus right when he was leaving the terminal. I reached out to grab his hand when he turned around and I rammed right into the middle of his chest. “Eve? What are you doing?” Marcus asked. You need to run! That man in the black cloak is going… Marcus grabbed me and started to run.
    We were in the parking lot of the airport when we stopped running. He took a secant to look for something and when he found it, we were running again. He dragged me to the passenger’s side of what looked like a new Lamborghini Gallardo. He seemed to open it and get to his side in no time. Get in. he said in a slight panic. I looked behind me and I saw that man coming right for us. I got in and Marcus put it into reveres, after making a sharp left turn he put it into drive and floored it. He went from zero to a hundred in no time flat. Hold on to something, and as we go past him look into his eyes. We were getting closer to him so I had no time to argue. I was looking right at his face when we finally met eye to eye. He seemed to slow down. We made it past him, but not by much. I looked back at the terminal doors and saw Jill looking for me.
    We raced out of the gate not stopping to pay. As Marcus was driving down the road, he said nothing until we got to a small country road. He took the turn on two wheels at ninety miles. The road was windy but he seemed to have no trouble driving through it. About five minutes later I asked, “Where were we going?” he gave me no response but instead rolled down his window. He was listing for something. He must not have heard anything because he slowed down. “How did you know my name on the plane, and how did you know that the man in black was going to hurt me?” I told you I don’t know I just knew it. Now tell me where we are going! He looked at me and said we are going to my house you’ll be safe there, and so will I. he seemed to only add the last part to make me calm. We drove for an hour when my stomach started to grail. Figures my stomach broke the silliness. He looked at me and asked, “Are you hungry?” A little, but I’m fine. He turned on his GPS and found the fastest way to a carry out store.