• Serine stepped into the house, the musky atmosphere instantly filling her nose. It was so familiar to home, the rocking chair in the same position as her mother's house. There was a rug, different from the original, but in the exact position as the one she knew so well.
    At the same time, the surroundings were completely different. The wood, although dusty form the lack of care, was new, the room well refurbished with cloud soft pillows on top of plush soft chairs. At home, everything was wood, for one of her family's standings could not afford something as fancy as fabric covered furniture.
    Occupying the room besides herself was an aging man. his eyes were tired and dull, the rosy red shade dimming gradually as time flew past them. Her pale rose pink eyes narrowed when they fell upon this figure.

    A sigh was heard.
    A creak of wood.
    And then the male turned to face, his daughter.
    "May I ask why am I blessed by your visit?"
    The answer at first was a low growl. When the animal like grumbling ceased, a gruff feminine voice came into play.
    "You know fully well I am here."
    "No. Enlighten me."
    The aggressive growl returned, this time not disappearing.
    "Mother is dead."
    There was a pause, the air tense. Serine felt suffocated, perhaps by the heavy dust that filled the air. At last, it broke. A slight sob escaped, only to be followed with a croak as the daughter tried to hide her weakness.
    Serine continued the conversation, "Why did she have to die? You should have been there! You should have protected her."
    During this time, her head was turned away, but with a swift turn of her head, tears sparkled off her cheeks. "She still loved you! You are a horrible person! You should have been the one to die in that fire!"
    Another silence, Serine still slightly sobbing as rage filled her head. The father's voice rang clear through her head. "You're still mad at me, aren't you."
    "I have very reason to be so!" she yelled, causing the dust around her to stir.
    "You do not. I still love you and your mother greatly."
    "Lies!" she hissed.
    "No, it's the truth."
    "Then why won't you tell me it?" her voice still escalating with each statement.
    "You want the truth?" his voice a balanced softness that just enraged his daughter even more.
    "Yes, that is why I am here!"