• “You could have accepted her feelings.” I said as we were driving onto another shoot.
    “It’s fine.” Iruka said as he continued driving. I wonder why he was so down right now. I shrugged it off as we entered the designated area.
    “Reina, you made it!” A man hugged me. The producer, I knew the difference between the all of the production crews when I come in as Reina. As he brought us to the meeting room, I knew what set we were on.
    “Hearts Forever…” I could almost gasp; this was a drama that held millions of fans. It was a drama that showed different types of love stories every episode.
    “Ladies first.” I walked into the meeting room and sat down with Iruka.
    “We also have the people you will be working with…” As he went on, Akira himself, walked into the room. Following along was the director.
    “Good evening Akira, we’re so glad to have you back.” The producer greeted him when he and the director came into the room. He took a look at me and made a smirk. I narrowed my eyes secretly angered. Iruka noticed and sighed. I took a deep breath and remembered to just let it go.
    “Alright, we want Akira and Reina to star as the main leads for this weeks episode.” The producer said.
    “Akira will be the playboy Azuma who chooses to never fall in love, it sounds cliché but I know it was meant to be that way. Reina will play Youko, a young girl who is in love with her teacher Nanase who is also her older sister’s boyfriend.” The producer was very happy about the whole idea.
    “So do you two agree?” He asked Akira and me.
    “Whatever.” Akira said. Serious Love had gotten so much fans and attention by everyone. I knew I couldn’t pass this up.
    “Yes.” I nodded.
    “Good, good. Now here are your lines and you will be shown your dressing room. We’d like you both to start rehearsing and filming immediately!” This was good; I needed this to boost myself into the world. I’m coming for you, and you’ll have no choice but to see what you’ve left behind! I thought.

    “Hey did you hear?! It seems that Akira and Reina are going to be appearing in Hearts Forever!” Some of the girls from my class were overjoyed. This was good, really good.