• Chapter 6
    The Mission

    "First things first," Lauren said. "If we are going to find Zeyken, Jenna and Marissa need some clothes."
    "Okay fine," Jenna said. "but have me in a really hot and expensive outfit."
    "And have me be in a white tanktop with cool jeans," Marissa said.
    "Okay fine. I try my best.'' Lauren imagined what they had said and liked the outcome. Marissa had a new tanktop on with dark jeans. It made Nate kind of attracted. Jenna was in skinny jeans with a black and pink checkered shirt and a Victoria's Secret bra.
    "Not really fancy, but nice. Thanks Lauren!" Jenna said while looking at herself.
    "Yeah, thanks," Marissa said.
    "Now, what do we do?" Nate asked. They were still on the roof of the school building.
    "Umm...maybe we should ho back to that interrogation room," Jenna said.
    "Why would we do that?" Nate said.
    "Well, we can't really find Zeyken so our best option is to go back. They'll know."
    "I think she's right." Lauren said.
    "Well then zap us back, Lauren,"Marissa said.
    "Okay, fine. But it's going to hurt me."
    "Who cares?" Nate said.
    "I do! I'll do it anyway though." Lauren imagined that they were back in that room with the man. Her thought was over and then there they were. In the room with the guy.
    "Whoa," the man said.
    "Yeah, well we were out of options,"Nate said.
    "Okay. Can I ask you some more questions. And maybe I could answer some of yours." the man said.
    "First, what's your name?" Jenna asked.
    "My name. That's kind of personal."
    "Well I don't give a damn!" Marissa said. "We were the ones who came back here to answer your stupid questions!"
    "Okay fine. Geez. My name is...Seth."
    "Wow...I was expecting something more dramatic." Lauren said.
    "Yeah well, it's my name. Now some of my questions. Have you ever experienced anything sci-fi like? Maybe like what has happened to you guys right now."
    "No," they all said in unison.
    "Okay. That eliminates questions 2 and 3." Seth was writing down the answer and crossing out out the numbers 2 and 3. "Now, there's only one more. Do you know how to control your powers?"
    "Not really 'cause I don't have one," Jenna said.
    "Yes, you do. I'm guessing the rest of you don't know how to control your's either. And yes, Lauren, you can do more than just imagine things. And, Lauren, once you imagine something, it can't be undone. You better say 'sorry' to Emily. She's in our custody right now. I'll have you go and speak to her after this."
    "I don't really want to," Lauren said.
    "Well, you have to. I have a mission for you guys."
    "A mission!" Nate said.
    "Yes, a mission, Nate. I need you guys to kill Zeyken."