• Chapter 48
    Drea dropped a brown bag on the table as she sat down in the plastic cafeteria chair. “This is going to be so much fun!” she squealed clapping her hands. “I brought lots of fun things to do, we could paint our nails, take those quizzes in magazines, look at hot guys in magazines, play truth or dare, do makeovers, all that fun stuff.”
    “You are all too girly,” a blonde haired boy said sitting down next to Drea.
    “Well if you hadn’t noticed we are girls, and remember that one time you played truth and dare with us?”
    “That was one time! And Max was there so I wasn’t the only guy.”
    “Max wasn’t playing; he was laughing at you and calling you gay.”
    “First of all I’m not gay! Second of all that was a very hardcore game of truth or dare!”
    Drea laughed, “Yeah if you find ‘go stand outside wearing a Halloween mask and wave at the people driving by’ a hardcore dare.”
    “Yeah, well” the boy sighed, “aren’t you gonna introduce me to your friend?”
    “Nice try but you aren’t gonna change the subject, I’m still gonna be after you for it, and this is Hai.” She placed her hand on my shoulder and motioned the other one in a way hand models do.
    “Hey I’m John,” he smiled, “and that was so hardcore!”
    “You turned it down!” Drea shouted.
    “Because it was so hardcore.”
    “Hey guys shouldn’t we get going?” Jerri walked in with Maureen standing quietly behind her.
    “Right! We must continue on!” Drea screamed yanking me up by the hand.
    “Come on girls!” Drea shouted again.
    “Ahem?” John said.
    “Yeah that means you too missy,” she said straight-faced.
    “You’re not very nice.”
    Drea shrugged her shoulders, “It’s a talent.” She skipped off happily swinging the paper bag in her hands.
    “Beware,” John muttered, “it’s only a short time until she starts targeting you. She’s like a puma; you don’t see her coming until she gets you.”
    “Well I’ll be sure I don’t get used for target practice,” I laughed.
    “Who said she needed practice?” He walked off leaving me until I realized I had to hurry up or else I would be late. I ran down the hall, my sneakers squeaking against the floor and my jeans rustling together. My buttoned white sweater that dangled past my writs whipped the sides of my legs. We’re off to see Cana. We’re off to see Cana. We’re off to see Cana, I happily sang in my head. It wasn’t long before I was humming the simple melody.
    “Come on Hai!” Drea called from the silver Buick minivan. I jumped into the car shutting the door behind me. I sat down sliding the pink shoulder bag into my lap before pulling the seat belt across myself. I rubbed my fingers across the red sewn flowers, trying to hide my excitement.
    Once again I found myself humming my churlish chant. I was overcome with the bubbly feeling. Bubbly was a good definition of my over boiling emotions.

    Bonus Material
    Ok well you obviously cant guess the really big secret so I give up..... but thats ok becuase its in book 2
    so far there is a list of book names you might find useful
    Book 1- Broken (duh)
    Book 2- Dead
    Book 3- Shatter
    Book 4- Fall

    Got a good name for book 5? (theres obviously going to be a lot because at 4 we'd be around the end of junior year and it ends abotu senior year) So if you do PM me or write in comments