• "Wait, WHAT?!", Dawn replied, a blatant expression of shock on her face. "No, you're lying! Seth can't be a Chimera, there's no way!"
    "You'd think so, huh?", Martin replied calmly. "He ain't heartless, he ain't bloodthirsty, and people tend not to cower in fear of him. But anyway you slice it, he is a Chimera. Behind that eyepatch is one of their horrible, golden eyes."
    "But that doesn't make sense!", Dawn yelled. "Those.... those monsters have two golden eyes, why would Seth only have one?"
    "Hell if I know.", Martin answered, putting out his cigarette in a nearby ashtray. "He's been like that since he came into my family. People used to be terrified of him, so he started wearing the eyepatch. I haven't seen him take it off in years."
    Dawn couldn't believe what she was hearing. Seth, someone who showed her kindness when everyone else just wanted to see her up on those gallows, was a Chimera.

    While Dawn was processing all of this, Seth came storming down the stairs. "Martin, a Talon's coming!", he cried.
    Martin sighed heavily before getting out of his chair. "Right then.", he said. "Seth, take the girl out back and don't stop running. You understand?"
    Seth stared at his step-brother as he walked over to the kitchen and pulled a knife out of one of the drawers.
    "Whoa! Ok, Martin, WAIT.", Seth said in a panicked tone.
    "Hey! Get moving, you hear me? I SAID GET MOVING!", Martin commanded as he walked toward the front door.
    "...DAMMIT.", Seth cried out as he grabbed Dawn's wrist and ran with her out the back door. As the two ran through the back alley, gunfire rang out from Martin's house. Seth stopped dead in his tracks and turned around, staring in horror at the house.
    "Seth, come on! We have to keep moving!", Dawn yelled as she pulled on Seth's arm. He wouldn't move an inch.
    "....SON OF A b***h!", Seth cried at the top of his lungs as he sprinted towards the house.
    "Seth, wait!", Dawn yelled as she ran after him.

    Inside the home, a Talon soldier stood over Martin's body, blood staining his right sleeve. He activated the radio built into his helmet and contacted his commanding officer. "Sir, the resident of this home turned hostile as soon as I was let in. The fugitive must have coome through this way. Reque-", the soldier said before going silent as he heard a crash come from the next room. Seth came bolting around the corner and buried his fist into the soldier's jaw. The soldier reeled back in pain, feeling another blow connect to his stomach. Recovering quickly, the soldier unholstered his sidearm and shot at Seth. The rounds dug into his left shoulder, but Seth ignored the pain. Picking the soldier up by his neck, Seth threw him as hard as he could into the next room. The soldier slammed into the far wall and slumped to the ground. Seth walked over to the soldier, crouched down and lifted up the soldier's head so he could look at him face to face.

    Dawn came running in, shocked at the scene at hand. The soldier looked incredibly hurt, and there was an impression in the wall behind the soldier. She noticed the blood running down Seth's arm and how he seemed to be ignoring it. "Martin wasn't lying.", Dawn thought. "Seth really is one of them."
    Seth stared at the soldier's visor, hoping he was getting a good look at his assailant. "Guessing from how hard you hit that wall, they're not gonna be able to fix you up. So I'll make your death quick. But before I do, I wanna know just who killed my only living family. Tell me your name."
    A pained gasp escaped from the soldier's mouth. "Seth... why?", the soldier groaned.
    A look of shock and fear crossed Seth's face. He lifted the visor on the soldier's helmet, revealing the face of his old friend, Max. His breathing become slightly erractic, Seth began to fight back tears. "Max... YOU ******** IDIOT!", Seth cried out, slamming Max's head into the floor. Blood seeped out from under the helmet. Seth once again grabbed Dawn, who was still shocked by what she just witnessed, and ran out of Martin's home for the last time.