• The moon barred its light of the white crescent, while the night sky glimmered with its silver stars, guiding the way of the lost. Its dead leaves crunched under a boys foot. Out of breath, he took a sharp turn, hoping to not be seen..either from a game..or from something else.

    The boy was about eleven years old with brown hair that always getting in the way of his direction. He had a scrawny but strong body with legs that would always trick you when it came to running or carrying a valuable artifact, and everlasting blue/silver eyes that could charm you in seconds. He was also a bit tall for his age, but he'd never let that get in the way of having an adventure. In his small but fragile hands was a necklace, carved into gold and a moonstone was inside its golden barrier.

    Where he hid he had heard a mob of men coming and going from his way. But these men were not just any kind of men. These men..were guards of royalty.
    The boy looked back at the guards from his hiding spot, then took off in the other direction. Unfortunately,he had found that his freedom was cut short when the leading guard blocked his way home. He glared at the guard in fright and turned the other way. More guards.

    The leader cackled in surprise, "Give up, boy! You've got nowhere to run to!" and ordered his men to get closer. The boy was in no condition to run. If he tried to get away from them, he would've gotten shot by one of their arrows or trapped in a bundle of their ox whips. Slowly, the boy closed his eyes and concentrated, not into fear, but into courage. A symbol, that looked like the sign of cancer on the back of his hands, started to glow with a pure white light.

    When it faded away again, all of the guards around him except for the leader were on the ground, either dead or injured. As quickly as it happened, the boy took off into the west, with the leader trailing behind him. "Come back, you thief!"the leader called out to him, raising his dagger until it was aimed at him. When he had caught up to him, both of them were around a strange looking well that looked like it hadn't been used in years. "I'll never let you have this!"the boy shouted and threw the amulet into the well.

    The leader threw a fit of rage and charged at the boy with the dagger, piercing his chest by a centimeter. The boy coughed, shaking in every bone in his body. 'Poision!' he thought, but he was too late as he hit the ground and closed his eyes in a deep sleep. Meanwhile, the amulet slowly appeared out of the cloudy sky, floating down into the 21st century. And that's... where the story begins..