• A young Sophomore wearing a red long sleeved shirt with black stripes and blue jeans stood in front of a school. His short red hair blew in the breeze as he looked at his skull choker, a gift from a friend. Kaleb looked in front of him. Another day at Urakara Town High School. As he walked in, a girl gave him a pink colored piece of paper.

    "Stand up for your rights! Did you know that some Seniors beat up one of us for being who he was?" she said. "We need to band together and fight this!"

    Kaleb smiled, thinking she was a witch, like he was. He then read the paper and looked shocked. He faced the girl.

    "Oh, sorry, I'm not....you know." he said hesitantly.

    The girl's warm look turned to ice as she ripped the piece of paper from his hands and muttered "hypocrite", walking away.

    "Having a good day so far?" a familiar voice said.

    Kaleb turned to see Tara, a vampire classmate and sister to Nicolai. She smiled, looking pretty in a lavender floral top, black skirt, and black heels. Her shoulder length brown hair was flipped up, and her turquoise colored eyes were bright with happiness.

    "Not really. A girl thought I was....you know."

    "Hmm, maybe it's that choker of yours."

    Kaleb looked at the white skull on the choker and Tara giggled.

    "I was joking, Kaleb."

    Kaleb nodded, and still looked at the skull. The bell ringed.

    "Time for Chemistry," Kaleb thought. "Yay."