• I stand there in the middle of the night, the cool damp air kissing my over -heated skin. The shadows conceal my body. I start running at my top speed and jump onto an appartment complex I'm standing by. Instantly, I jump off the building and I shift into a raven. I fly into the night, heading to the house that I live in. I fly through my window and land on the bed. Kyle walks into my room just as i was putting my bra and underwear on. He looks at me and blushes instantly.' Oh, Sorry Hope. I didn't know you were getting dressed.' I giggle as he walks out and shuts the door. I pull on my short shorts and I put my clingy blue spaghetti strap shirt on and walk out the door nearly bumping into my other roomate, Heath. ' Hi Hope! whatcha up to dressed like that?' he teases. Heath is 21, Kyle is 20, and I am 20 also.
    'Ha ha Heath. Go drag your mangy rear end over to the park or something' i tease him back.
    I walk over to the couch and sit next to my kitten Sibrah and giggle. Kyle looks at me from behind the kitchen's island and laughs. 'Thanks for the peep show Hope.' I blush and I get up and pounce on him from my spot. 'Oh yeah?? well i think it's well worth it if i can still pin you down!'