• "What happened to him?" "The victim was hit in the back by an aluminum bat and then was stabbed in the throat, then in the stomach 3 times then he died. But still, even after he was dead, the killer kept stabbing." "How many more times sir?" "6, and we have no evidence, or suspects." "Who was he?" "His wallet was in his right front pocket and it says he was Logan Leafpool.".

    5 years later.

    "Hmmm. I don't think they will ever find my killer." Logan turned around at the sound of a footstep. "Good news Logan." "What James?" "They found my killer." "Cool. What was the sentence?" "Well considering he blew my head off with a double barrel, 80 to life." "That will learn him eh?" James frowned. "What's wrong Logan?" Logan sighed. "They haven't found my killer yet." "Hey it's alright Logan. Maybe they will still get--" "No James it's hopeless." Logan interrupted "they will never find my killer." "Logan, do you really want revenge on him that much?" Logan paused, somehow stunned at what James had said, but still determined to answer. "Absolutely James." "Then I will show you how to interact with objects that living people can hold or use."

    1 week later.

    "Hello." The man turned around and saw no one but he knew he heard a voice in that room. "W-who's there?" "Oh don't you remember? I am the one you killed 5 years ago!" The man ran over to the bat witch had killed Logan. "Oh good, evidence." "W-what do you mean?" "That is what you used to kill me. It must still have my blood on it." With a quick hit in the head, the killer was knocked out. The following day, news spread. "5 YEAR CASE FINALLY CLOSED!"
    The man was sentenced to life without parole.