• The night A.J.'s family came over something odd happened. My dream wasn't the same as he normal one with the Dream Realms Hero, or Oneiropolos as A.J. put it. There were people im crimosn cloaks, looking like they were doing a ritual. I could feel myself rolling around on my bed in a cold sweat. My heart was racing, and when I moved there was the sound of chains clinking together.

    Just as one of the cloaked figures came closer, I felt someones hands shaking me. "Tera! Tera! Wak up sweety it's only a dream," My mom's voice echoed through my head, as I saw a shiny glint of something in the figures hand. It was a knife. My eyes began to widen as the sight, while there was a rumble of a low chuckly coming from the man's chest. As he lifted the knife there was a short moment that I thought I was going to die. I screamed jumping up I found myself in my mom's comforting arms."Honey," She said stroking my hair. 'It was only a dream." Hearing that it was only a dream, made me angered.

    Sitting up so that she could see my face, 'It wasn't a dreamn mom................... It was a nightmare." She saw the way the dream had terrified me, so she patted me on the back.

    "Okay then, try to get some sleep, it's only 3:00 A.M." I nodded while she kissed my forhead. Lying back down I then remembered what A.J. had told me . Maybe that was the Dream Relam? If that was his way of showing me what it's like to be there, he was gonna hear my complaining. Excuse my French, but my nightmare had scarred me shitless. Going through my thoughts about the nightmare I had finally made it to sleep, one way or another.

    Next Day

    Once I escaped Romeo's grasp, I went stalking the hallways for A.J. Oh what do you know, he just came out of the boys bathroom joy. Coming up to him I began to complain.
    "Oh hi Tera," He said
    "Don't act all goody two shoes with me," I said back in a sassy tone.
    "What do you mean?" Great now he's questioning me!
    "You showed me the Dream Realm last night didn't you? I mean what's your intention with doing that. Are you trying to freak me out or something?" I didn't give him a chance to speak, till now.
    "Woah wait a minute. What do you mean? I didn't show you anything. I was snug as a bug sleeping at my house," He was backing up seeing the menacing look in my eye.
    "Yeah well, I was chained to a wall, and some guy had tried to kill me with a knife!" A.J.'s eyes widened at this.
    "What did they look like, and what did the room look like?" He asked. A.J.'s curiosity to them was like he met them before.
    "I don't know I couldn't see their faces. They were all wearing crimosn cloaks. And the room well," I paused trying to remeber the details to the place. "It had been really dark, only lit by candle light. Enough light so that I could only see the people," His face went from surprises to serious.
    "Go to te rest of your classes like this hasn't happened. I need to go home to tell my parents this," Afte touching my shoulder quicly, he headed off to the office, to fake being sick, and leave. I was left confused in the hallway. Once the bell rang it snapped me back to reality. I ahd to go to my chemistry class next. I loved to watch chemical reaction. Too bad we couldn't even touch the chemicals. The school teachers all thought we were'nt mature enough, not even Seniors weren't even allowed to touch them!
    Most of the teachers wre the kind that had some sort of fault to them. Like the teacher with the lisp, or wierd accent. MAybe even the meanest teacher in the building, that chose the popular kids to treat the best, but not the ones who worked the asses off. Nope not at all. Most of the teachers here are like either one of those.
    But there's always that one eacher that's nice. Who are you asking this teacher is? It would have to be the Drama class' teacher, Ms. Laverick. She fitted her job too. Having the bright, curly, red hair of hers made her stand out. Being the Drama class' teacher of course she was dramatic. During class to get everyones attention she'd either come in wearing an odd hat, or start reciting something that came from a play, or a famous peom, maybe even say somthing people wouldn't expect. It'd been a tiring day for me today and I just wanted to go home.

    Knowing that I'd most likely not get a ride home I took my time going back. I could already see my house in the distance, and my eyes had began to droop. I tried resitting to close my eyes but it was becomeing inevitable. Sitting under a tree infront of my house I began to fall alseep. It was pitch black for awhile, but then things had begun to fall into place in the dream. I was lying on the same cloaked figures surrounded me. I heard something like dripping water. Searching for the sound, I finally found that source of it. It hadn't been from a faucet or anything, but a blood soaked knife. I felt my breath rush from my lungs.

    Now I knew what had happened and why I was lying on the ground. I had been killed. It had been the next seen from the dream before. I felt a sharp come from me as I awoke. Everything around me had become darker around me, it was dusk. Standing my neck had become stiff. Turning it and twisting my neck I could feel muscles loosen.

    I put my bag over my shoulder feeling weight. Once I walked through my houses door, I felt a body slam against me.

    "Where were you?!" I heard the voice of my mothers shriek.

    "I fell asleep........." Before I could finish what I wanted to say, she came to her own conclusion of what I was going to say next.

    "At a boys house?"!" She yelled "Oh what kind of daughter did I raise?" My mom always had had her moments when she thought I did something that she'd never aproove of, it got even worse when I came back late.

    "No! Mom, I fell asleep by the tree infront of our house!" I exclaimed, while setting her down on the couch. "Now mom, calm down , I'll make you some tes," Running into the kitchem as fast as possible , I scrambled around looking for a pan. I finally got the tea made, and took it out to her.

    "I'm sorry sweety. It's just that you're usually not late, and I became flustered over it," She'd already calmed down by now, it was faster than ussual. After a couple of moments my mother began to fall asleep on the coach. I could already see that she didn't really want to move, so being the strong little girl I was, I gave my mom a piggy back ride up to her room, being careful so that I wouldn't topple over the stairs, while carrying her, of course.

    After I had tucked her in , I went to my room only to find A.J. sitting on my bed with Romeo next to him. "Uh, hye Tera what a fancy meeting you here, " My eye began to twitc, as I heard Romeo say that.

    "Why are you in my house?" I questioned irritabliy.

    "I have to tell you what that dream meant that you had earlier," A.J. said standing. That's when I noticed the handcuffs on the writsts.

    "Romeo yur not trying to make a move on A.J. by handcuffing him are you?" He made an odd sound while trying to hold back his laugh.

    "No he did thism," he told me pointing at A.J.

    "If I knew he was gay I would have found a more distant way to restrain him," A.J. looked over at Romeo, and saw the glimmer of hope in his eyes, hoping he'd be gay too. "Sorry buddy I'm straight," Romeo's face fell.

    "He just got over a break up," I told A.J.. "Now whay are you in my room again? " I asked.

    "Ah, right! You're both coming to my house now!" A.J. said happily smiling.

    "Why both of us, and I'll have to tell my mom," I started turning around when he grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me around. Waving his finger infront of my face he began to talk really fast.

    "Oh no no no! You can't tell your mom since I put something in her tea while you weren't looking to make her sleep, and you both play an important part in the Dream Realm," He began pullin me along with him, and Romeo being dragged happily along.

    "You put my mom to sleep!" Oh he's in trouble now!

    "Not like killing her, but like Nightquill almost, " He began opening the door. Draggin us to the car he shoved me in the back, dehandcuffed Romeo, and put him in the back with me.

    "Where are we going?" Romeo ans I asked.

    "You'll see," A.J. said starting the engine up, and taking us to a place we didn't know where we were going.