• "She smells like a human," A high squeaky voice said.

    "Yeah this one to," grunted something in a low aminous voice.

    "I wonder if their edable?" I could hear the flappingof wings when this thing spoke.

    "Try taking a bite out of her Bat," After I heard that I felt two bird like feet land on m hcest. Now I was scarred my eyes popped open to see only a humongous like bat creature on top of me, and it's face infont of mine. I screamed aloud. Pushing it off of me I got up, and found Romeo lying near by. I squatted down next to him, and began to examine the scenery. Everything was just so overwhelming me that I couldn't stand to look at one thing. I was in a meadow, the flowers all around were beautiful!

    I plucked one and stuck it up to my nose. Expecting tp feel the soft, plush petals against my face, and the sweet smell, I got something else. It was hard as rock, the color of ruby's and the smell I coulnd't quite explain.

    "It's called a Ruby Ruble Tulip. Due to it's color and being hard as rock, that's how it got it's name," I turned around to find a person in a cloak, but it was whjite, and it hid the persons face.

    "Five more minutes mama," The cloaked figure and I both turned our heads toward Romeo. There was a high pitched screech. A minical laugh came next.

    "You'll be a snack! Let's ee how good you and yur friend taste, Girl!" It was the bat creature again his sharp talons reaching out towards me. I closed my eyes waiting for the pain to come but it didn't. Instead there was a beautiful bell toll that came.

    "You don't touch her!" I opened my eyes to find another person in a cloak, but this guy had a staff with a bell on it. The bat was being held back by a bright light, from what I could see I think it was a forcefield. There were giant sparks coming from it. The hood flew off the figure with a gust of wind that was sent from the forcefield, it was A.J.

    "Guardians," the creatures said looking at A.J. and the other cloaked figures. A.J. moved his staff in a striking motion, it hit the creature known as Bat, and sent him flying. It through him into a tree.

    "Good gracious, Molly tenacious!" Romeo was up. "Where are we?"

    "Dream Realm," I told him blantanly. His face looked confused.

    "I'll explain later," Rachel said coming ou of the bushed, she too was in a while cloak. All the different sort of creatures began to group together. Unlike the giant bat that resembled a creature, others looked like they were part human, or things that people made up that didn't really resemble anything. Like little puff balls with eyes, and even fairies, amd mythical creatures.

    Mark stepped foward, he seemed to be the leader out of the family.

    "Why did you attack the human girl Bat?" He said sternly not taking his gaze off of Bat.

    "Uh, Uh," The creature couldn't come up with an excuse to lie with. "She smelled good?" He had put it as a question. Mark put his hand to his face in a dissapointed gesture.

    "This is a place imbetween Lightshade, and Day Dreamers Valley. Do you think eating people is a good thing?" I have never seen Mark so oddly mean, for the short time I've known him.

    "Whe I was in Nightshade it was when there was an intrude." Bat said not making eye contact. Mark alked back to his wife.

    "Rachel, erase Bat's memory," He spoke. "A.J. take Ter, and uh," Mark paused looking at Romeo making a bouquet out of the many odd flowers. "Romeo back to the catle."

    "Oh I've never been to a castle before! Can we get a tour?" Romeo was gay yes, in a very obvious way. Him beign bipolar was a big maybe!

    On our way to the castle we walked mostly through the meadows. Rachel and Mark were in the front, while A.J. was behind them with Romeo, and I. He had shown us the many flowers that came fro the meadow. Like one that looked like fairy wings called trhe Fairywings flower, which they said held souls of fairies who lost their lives, and also a vine like flower called a Moon vine, since it only bloomed during the night.