• My hand sting from the repugnat slap. He stared at me with disbelief. "Threaten me again and next time something will be cut off." I told him fiercly. scream
    "Is that a threat or a promise?" He asked with travesty eyes. lol
    "Both!" I said while kneeing him in the stomach, then walked away.
    Next day was school and I was hoping not to see that aho again. Sadly he was waiting at the entrance. I kept walking looking straight ahead ignoring him. But he followed.
    "Hey there cutesy wosey." He said.
    "I'm not your cutesy wosey." I said while punching him in the stomach. He mad a "Gah!" sound.
    "Why do you keep doing that. Are you so obsessed with me that your frustrated and you have to take it out on me?" He asked, grinning. wink
    stressed I glared ar him then kept walking straing ahead right to my locker where my twin brother was.
    "Lizard tail!" I shouted while running toward him for a hug.
    "Hey Dark eyes. How's it going?" He asked.
    "Fine." I answered while giggling.
    "Isn't she adorable espacially when she smiles and laughs?" Kyle, was is name. said while streching my cheeks out.
    "And who are you?" Saucern, my brother, asked.
    His full name is Saururus Cernuus meaning Lizard tail, that's why I call him that.
    And my name is Kurome which means dark eyes. Our parents where japanese fantics so they really got into it to where they name their children japanese names. Go figure.
    "Names Kyle and your girlfriend is crazy for me." He said while putting his arm around my shoulders where his hand was groping my shoulder.
    "One, this is my brother and two I loathe you." I said while pinching his hand so hard that he removed it.
    At that cchance I open up my locker to get my books for class before the tension set in.
    "Who are you?" Lizard tali asked.
    The nthe next thing I know Lizard tail has Kyle by the collar and is smashing him up against the lockers. Everyone stop talking from the loud noise that echoed through the halls.
    "Who do you think you are harrassing my sister huh, HUH!? Do you think your god d**k head. Because I know I wouldn't show sexual harrasment in front of the girl's brother or at all." Lizard tail snarled.
    I you just met Lizard tail and didn't get on his bad side you would never even think he had one.
    "Cool it liz, you don't need to make a scene, not here, and not now." I said while putting my hand on his shoulder.
    "Maybe this Punk a** bi.."
    "Hey no need for the language brother just let him go and walk away." I said while interupting his almost to be cruss fess.
    He glared at Kyle for a while.
    "The better man is the one who walks away form a fight not start one. Be the better man." I said.
    Lizard tail lowered him down, put his arm around my shoulders and we walked away.
    "I'll have your sister sooner or later lizard boy." Kyle called after us.
    Lizard tail just wazed him off meaning he didn't care.
    "That guy is all talk a 2 year old could take him down." Lizard tial whispered in my ear.
    I giggled. If anyone could make me feel happy after an atrocious event that just happen now and yesterday only Lizard tail can do that.
    Sorry longer than I thought hope you like and please tell me if i should continue i don't know if i should or how i should continue