• A Coincidence at the Cinema 1
    It was a beautiful dawn when I, Piper, looked out my window to see a giant billboard facing my window. Ugh, not another one I thought to myself.
    I squinted to try and see what the sign read, but no matter how much I tried, I could NOT read the billboard from my bed.
    I got up, walked closer to the window ... squinted ... closer ... closer ... closer....
    "OUCH!" Suddenly I looked down to see I stepped on a pin. But then I saw it, huge, the billboard. "Vampire Knight, the movie, this Saturday at the Golden Cinema, midnight show." It had read.
    Suddenly, I thought about it, and thought about it, until I realized I REALLY , DESPERATLY, and ABSOLUTLY needed to go. I went online to the chat room I usually went to when bored. I told my friends on their about the movie, and they seemed to want to go. But when I explained the movie was online showing in New York ( Where coincidentally I happened to live ) It went kind of like this:

    Alice: WHAT ?! O:<
    Pen: AWWWW!!!!!
    Momo: -.- ******** them.
    Fb dude: huuuhhhh....? wtf are you guys talking about.
    Alice: Oh, wait never mind my brother can drive me!
    Me: It would be totally crazy if we all went ... and didn't notice we were all next to each other ..... BUT ANYWAY! I've gotta go buy tickets for tomorrows midnight show of Vampire Knight! Cya!

    That night I lay their, tossing and turning.
    Suddenly, it all went blank .......
    And soon enough, I was awake and ready to get the day going so the midnight show would come already.
    Hours passed, and soon enough it was 11:30 PM.
    I got dressed, and biked to the Golden Cinema, only a few blocks away.
    I went it, bought a bunch of candy and soda, and headed into Cinema Room number 14.
    Their I sat down, only to see a girl hugging a sheep plushie. Okay thats a little weird, but you shouldn't judge people by what they like, because if everybody judged me about the music I listen to, I would get mad. I thought.
    I looked behind me to see a guy .... in a football jersey. Next to him is a girl holding a Naruto and One Piece manga books, I watch as she drools over him. And in the row in front of me, I see another girl, in a Meg&Dia T-shirt, right in front of me. How strange ... I swear their almost like my friends onli- No, they couldn't me, it'd have to be near IMPOSSIBLE I thought.
    (To be continued, if you dare)