• Prologue

    I could feel the blood in my body boil as I laid in the cold sweat that dripped from my body. I could feel my breathing slow as I tried to hold onto the life that I had made for myself.
    I was taken back when I felt my body ripped in half from the inside. My body arched but was quickly stopped when multiple pairs of hands stopped me.
    “Were losing her!” A faint voice said with fear.
    I opened my eyes and looked around the room, it was darkening quickly. I looked at the unfamiliar faces that had their hands on me.
    Where was he? Where was the man who did this to me?
    I grabbed at the bed sheets that were laid under me before I opened my mouth for the scream that wouldn’t come. Once the pain was gone I laid motionless in the shell that was called a body. But it didn’t feel like I fit anymore, like I was to small for it. I opened my eyes one last time to look up into the face of an angel. “I love you.” I whispered.
    My eye lids felt so heavy now, I couldn’t keep them open any longer. As I slowly drifted off I felt a cool tear run down my face.