• "What are you talking about! My name is Amara! Not Olette..."
    Roxas let go of me and looked down at the transparent floor. "But you look just like her," he shook his head, as if he didn't want to believe the truth. "Then how do I know your name?"
    I studied my hands, as if they would give me the answer. "I don't know," I looked at him and sighed. "I'm sorry I'm not the person you thought I were."
    He smiled at me and faced forward. "Don't apologize. It's not your fault."
    I started to walk forward, but then I remembered something. "Wait. What about my dream?"
    He gave me a blank stare. "Dream?"
    "Yeah. I had a dream about you the night before I met you."
    He shook his head. "I don't think that has anything to do with it."
    I let out a long, disapointing breath. "Oh."
    "But, good try." he put his hand on my shoulder.
    I smiled and looked up ahead at the strange, white fortress. "Well, we'd better move on."
    Roxas nodded and walked further.

    "Who are these people? They're wearing the same outfit as you," I shuddered. "They're giving me weird looks."
    Roxas looked around nodding at everybody that glanced his way. "Organization 13. Don't worry. They won't bother you. They're expecting you anyway."
    I caught my breath, relieved, and relaxed. "Right. We're going to see...Xion?"
    He nodded and pulled my arm so that we were side by side. "Stay close. You never know what happens in this place."
    My stomach churned. I had a bad feeling about this place. I didn't like the atmosphere.
    We walked towards a huge white door, having the same symbol as the front of the fortress. "Roxas, what does that symbol mean?" I pointed at the giant door.
    "It's our organization symbol, reminding us that we are nobodies."
    "Nobo-?" I stopped when I saw a man walking to us. He had a huge scar across his face that looked like an X.
    "Ah...You brought her Roxas. Good Job." he walked closer to me, studying my face.
    Roxas stayed in front of me, making sure he wouldn't try anything. "Where's Xion, Saix."
    Saix flashed a mischevious grin and gestured to the giant door."Go on ahead."
    Roxas stayed close to me and walked forward.
    I gave the door a dirty look, and whispered to Roxas. "I'm scared. What's going to happen in there?" I clutched his arm and took my eyes away from the door and focused on him."We're not going to get hurt, are we?"
    He put his hand on the giant white door and stayed silent.
    "Roxas." My voice shook and I touched the door, feeling a cold chill run down my back.
    He kept his hand on the door and looked at me, still quiet. Then to my suprise, he grabbed my hand and hugged me. I could feel his breath on my neck, slow and steady. "I don't know what's going to happen. But I know that Xion won't hurt you," he pulled back and still held onto my hand. "But if she does I'll be there to protect you."
    I felt my churn in my stomach turn into fluttering butterflies, but not the good feeling. Something bad is going to happen. I should have known. This was all a trap. He was probably just being nice to me so he could get rid of me or whatever was going to happen.
    My head got hot and dizzy. I glared at him with anger in my eyes and let go of his hand, feeling hot tears come to my eyes. "You were just using me." I said, noticing that my voice shook.
    "What? Of course I-"
    "Shut up!" I held up my hand and started to smack him across the face, but he grabbed my wrist before I hit him.
    "Let go of me, you traitor." I said harshly.
    "No. I'm not a traitor," he let go of my wrist. "And I'm not going to let anything happen to you."
    "Liar!" I backed away from him and felt the saltwater tears stream down my face. "Liar!" I repeated louder and louder, until I was silenced by a dark figure in front of me.
    "Silence. There is no need for that screaming." the figure grabbed my arm and started to pull me away.
    "No! Don't," I pulled my arm away. "Don't touch me." I held my breath and shrank at the person's face.
    Roxas came over and put his hand on my shoulder. "Amara, this is our boss, Xemnas."

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