• CHP 2- He Whispers the confession

    It had been four months sence Adiel had moved in with me and we hardly ever saw eachother, kinda like we were avoiding the other person. Im not admiting that I didnt want to see him but I did try my hardest to be in my room when he got home from school. We never ate together and the only time we talked was if he was going to someones house or staying after school.

    But one morning he didnt go to school, it wasnt a holiday and he wasnt sick, he was just sitting at the kitchen table drinking some coffee.
    I walked up to him and was going to ask what was wrong but before i could he said "Its my birthday"

    "Then why are you so sad?" I asked

    "Markel always made me a cake, a recipe my mother made for her befor they died. I just miss her" He started to cry ad he said this so I hugged him.
    Markels death had haunted him so bad and he was usually vey good at hidding his pain, but today he just couldnt help but let his emotions out. I couldnt blame him I missed her too.

    We had dated for three years and the day she died she was on the way to my house for dinner, i had planned to propose that night. I cryed every night and still blame myself for her death, but aslong as her brother was in my care i wasnt going to let those feelings take me over because i owe it to Markel to take her of Adiel.

    Adiel and i went to the couch and sat down, we talked about how Markel would make the best stirfry ever, but two minutes into the conversation he started to cry again. As an instincted I held him. He put his head on my shoulder and cryed. He remined me so much of Markel and the way she would cry when we watch a sad movie.

    Adiel lifted his head and as we locked eyes i saw her and instinctively kissed him. It was a deep kiss, both our lips parted and he moaned a little. When it ended I relised what i had done and aplogized.

    "No, I couldve stoped you, I wanted you to kiss me." He whispered "I love you"