• Dark Days

    The sky's seem to be cover by darkness,and chaos as it slowly covers the planet...

    One day at a field of green grass,the blue sky as it's clear from clouds,then a sound of roaring engines blast by.A black shadow appear in the sky,blocking the sun light as a fire red ship,about 121 wide to 242 high with a face marking on it,meaning Doctor Ivo rotbotnik,or Dr.Eggman,was up to no good again.
    All of a sudden a blue blur,running faster then sound,breaking the sound barrier as it seem to be bluring speed toward eggman's ship,stopping at a cliff it was no other then sonic,sonic the hedgehog,to save the day once again.

    He started blur running again till a flash appear ahead of sonic,stopping him in his tacks as a black and red hedgehog appear in front of him,the black and red hedgehog spoke to sonic in a dark voice"leave the Doctor to me,sonic..." Sonic nod his head at the black and red hedgehog,replying"ok shadow,but don't let us down!"sonic gave him a tumb up then adding"Once ya done let's have a race!"then runs off in a blur.
    Shadow looks at eggman's ship with his blood red eyes as he pulls out his chaos emerald yelling"CHAOS CONTROL!!!!!!!!!"disappearing into a bright light,then it fades.

    Inside the eggcarrier
    As shadow appear,noticing the place was trashed,robots parts everywhere,some burn spots and some cuts,shadow looked around,asking himself"what happen here?"Suddenly something have answer his question,seem like a girl voice yelling arocss the room as if attack moves where called off,the yelling got louder as the person came close,around the cruve a robot's head was throw against the wall as the yelling stop,shadow was ready for anything that came from the turn.
    A female hedgehog came from the turn,cover in some dirt,robot oil and burn spots from something that blasted to pieces,besides the mess,she had long,flowing,dark blue hair,she,herself,was a light blue with the same color eyes as shadow,wearing a,little teared up,shirt with long teared up sleaves,and long jean pants.