Chapter 17 - Man of iron

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    *In hunters camp, Vent and Aile go to the sickbay bunker and visit John since they havent seen him for a long time. Jack and Cinimon are very concerned about his condition since the effect of the Model W in him is beginning to fight back after long periouds of time with John fighting against it.*

    Vent= How is he?

    Aile= What's all this were hearing about John having a Model W inside him?

    Nurse 1= It's quite bad.

    Nurse 2= We seen him megamerge with it but in some cases it can megamerge on it's own and can even take control of him.

    Nurse 3= It's happened before, but we been taking readings of it. The charts indicate that the symptoms are worsening. Cinimon was able to keep John's health steady, but ever since his Model A decyphered the final data from your biometal, it might have triggered something.

    Vent= Oh Damn! It's our fault, only if we never suspected Ashe and Grey of being maverick, this probably wouldnt have happened.

    Aile= We didnt know untill it was too late. Can you get that Model W out of him?

    Nurse 1= We discused it before, but Kay from the reploid resistance group already informed us, surgery is far to dangerous. The Model W could trigger something inside him and kill him.

    Nurse 2= John already has had an alien implant in him already. Long before this Model W. Take a look.

    *The nurses show Vent and Aile John's surgic cruxis crystal and key crest aka project jenova.*

    Aile= What the heck!?

    Vent= Oh gross! It's like that machine is wielded to him.

    Nurse 3= We need Kay's help. She's the only one who know's John's health best.

    Vent= Then let's find her then.

    Aile= We havent seen her in a good while either, so we can go and.....

    Nurse 3= Im afraid thats out of the question.

    Nurse 1= Kay is unavailable. She has planned to perform a rescue attempt of some group of friends in Giga city and have not returned.

    Aile= Giga city!?

    Vent= This sounds big!

    Jack= Vent, Aile, there you are. Phil is going after Kay and try to help her.

    Aile= Your telling me that Kay too is in trouble?

    Vent= We want to help too. I will not sit and wait untill someone else gets killed. Im contacting Prarie immediately!

    Cinimon= I need to stay behind with the nurses. I must attend to John as well. If you need to go, then I understand.

    Jack= You kids ready?

    Aile= Sure thing.

    Kaolla= We can take the Tardis to Giga city.

    Jack= Too risky. We better use it to get to the pillar first.

    *Suddenly, John began to talk*

    John= .....Jack.....

    Cinimon= Please lie still. Your in no condition to move.

    John= No....Jack, ....if your going to Giga city, take this with you. Kay gave them to me, but you can borrow it.

    *John hands over his Transporter device and gold keycard to Jack.*

    Aile= A gold key card!? Woah!

    Vent= Only seriously specal hunters get that card. Not even the card we gave to Ashe and Grey can top that one.

    Jack= Let's go everyone. I too want to save Kay as bad as Phil does.

    *Everyone else but Cinimon headed to the Tardis and dematerialized from the hunters camp.*

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    *Meanwhile,..... Kay and her rescue and autority contact group mission is going very badly and wrong, their suddenly spotted by the robot masters and Dr. Wily's mechanloid troops and were cought by heavy crossfire.*

    Kay= Status report!

    Resistance solger 1= Were outpowered that's for sure.

    Resistance solger 2= Now I wish we brought Phil with us.

    Kay= Phil must stay out of this and you know it!

    Teasel= All servebot's keep those bosses at bay!

    Servebot 1= There just too strong!

    Servebot 2= Those robot masters are making waste of our armored carriers and our assult vehicles.

    Tron= They cant keep this up much longer. We need to call them back or else ......

    *Meanwhile at the Pillar of autumn.....Phil's AI notified Phil of the status report of Kay's team. She was definently in trouble. Phil recieved Kay's hailing frequency, and Phil replied...*

    User Image

    Kay= Pillar of Autumn, can you read me?

    Phil= KAY!! What the hell's goin' on down there?!

    Kay= It was an ambush...send reinforcements ASA....*static*

    *transmission was cut off*

    Phil= s**t! I knew this would happen!!

    Phoenix= Kay, come in!! Kay. KAY!! Phil, what do we do now?

    Phil: Leave it to me Phoenix...

    *my faceplate closed over my face* ...I got this one! KOS-MOS, transfer my squad to Giga City on my mark!

    KOS-MOS= Roger that. Will advised!!

    Phil= Ready Stark?

    Model IM= ROCK 'N' ROLL!!

    *the thrusters on my feet & repulsors fired up, and then I flew off to the rescue, right from the docking bay doors from the vehicle pad.*

    *Meanwhile, at Giga City Central Plaza. Kay & her squad were outnumbered & outgunned by Wily's Robot Masters, as well as the Giga Police Force...some of her troops were injured by gunfire*

    Kay= PLEASE...listen to me everyone!! Wily & Dalton are lying to you...THEY'RE the ones behind the attacks on Giga City as well as the destruction of the Force Metal Refinery...they did that to set us up, just so they can force us to give him...

    Dr Wily= SILENCE!! Officers, what are you waiting for?! Arrest them & throw them in jail along with their comrades,
    do this & you'll be heroes of Giga...WHAT THE?!

    *Suddenly, Wily heard the sound of jet thrusters heading this way*

    Dalton= LOOK! Up There!!

    Giga Police officer 1= Is it a bird?

    Giga Police officer 2= Is it a plane?

    Reploid boy= No, look...it's, it's...

    *Suddenly, a red & gold armored Mega Man shot from the sky & landed in a ground-pounding pose ...it was none other than me, equipped with Model IM...IRON MAN. After witnessing me making my entrance, the people & Police of Giga City cheered for me, but then, Wily yelled out*

    Dr Wily= ENOOOOOUGH!! Now, who the hell are YOU?!

    Phil= I AM IRON MAN! Go figure, Einstien!!

    *my faceplate opened up to reveal my face, then Wily yells out to the Giga Police...*


    *then the Giga City cops turned to me, they had a feeling I was a friend of John...so they then said to Wily*

    Giga Police officer 1= Screw you...we're with him!!

    Giga Police officer 2= YEAH!! We ain't getting paid of being abused to you!!

    Phil= Kay, can you still walk?

    Kay= Nnngh! I'll try...where's the Evac?

    *I point behind me, then a Pelican dropship flew over the Plaza. Serpent was piloting it*

    Serpent= Commander Kay, please proceed to the dropship...I'll take you straight to the Pillar ASAP!!

    *Kay & her wounded squad made their way & boarded the dropship, after they escaped...I turned my attention to Wily & Dalton again*

    Phil= Officers, arrest those retards!!

    Giga Police officer 1 & 2= Roger!!

    (Music stops)

    Dr Wily= NOT SO FAST!!

    (Music playing - Liberions duity/ Megaman X command mission)Download

    *Wily pulled out a buster & shot the first cop*

    Dalton= Anyone else wants to be a hero?!

    Phil= You, get the civilians to safety, bail out my crew & give them the Biometals, namely the one that Dalton got!! I'll deal with these two!!

    Giga Police officer 2= ROGER! All right guys, get everyone outta here...MOVE IT!!

    *Long after the civilians were evacuated to safety, I was confronted by Wily's Robot Masters...& suddenly, Space Pirate ships dropped off large numbers of elite pirates & heavy combat cybermen...all of them surrounded me.

    Giga police officer 2= Just as that John guy predicted. Dr. Wily and those Space Pirates ARE working together! John was right!

    Giga police officer 1= Dr. Wily has duped us all!

    JARVIS (Model IM's AI)= I detect large numbers of hostile targets, sir!

    Model IM= No problem! This'll be a cakewalk!! Ready Phil?

    Phil= READY!! *my faceplate closed & eyes lit up.* C'MON!!

    (Music changes to - Blue water blue sky/ Guilty gear XX )Download

    *I was locked in an epic battle of Wily's numbers, Space Pirates & Cybermen...dispatching them with shots from my Repulsors,
    charged blasts with my Uni-Beam from my chest arc & even dispatching multiple targets with micro-missiles, concealed in each of my gauntlets. but then, I decided to end this onslaught with my lasers, mounted on the back of my hands withing the lens...after that, all the enemies were sliced & diced & totally destroyed*

    Dr Wily= NO!! How can this be?!

    Dalton= We sent an entire army onto him...& he just...

    Dr Wily= Nevermind that!! Let's get the hell outta here!!

    Model IM= Not so fast, old fart!!

    *I aimed my right Repulsor at them, but they transferred out of Giga City & straight to the Pirate's headquarters*

    Phil= BUGGA! I almost had'em too!

    JARVIS= Well Done sir! All enemies are eliminated!!

    Model IM= Don't worry, we'll get'em next time!

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *suddenly, I got a transmission from Kay*

    Kay (radio)= Phil, are you OK?

    Phil= Kay, you REALLY worry too much...ye know that?

    Kay= *sigh* Thank God you're alright...I was afraid you were...

    Phil= Will ye get off me case lass? I said I'm alright!! Spencer, report your status...are Duke, Turok & the twins OK?

    *Somewhere in the facility...*

    Cedre= The others are fine boss, even my favorite alien a**-kicker is still healthy...especially his loins too!

    Duke= Hehehe, btw we got the Biometals back...especially the final one that Dalton got!!

    Halkel= It's still inside too. Wait....it's opening.

    *Suddenly, the capsule opened and activated and it was Dr. Light's holligram inside talkin to Halkel.*

    (Music playing - Dr. Light's capsule/ Megaman X 8 )Download

    Dr. Light= So, you were the one who tried to save this capsule earlier. Im glad Phil showed up and saved you.

    Ciel= Look, it's Dr. Light.

    Mer= It's really him!

    Halkel= It's an honor to meet you sir.

    Dr. Light= This is the final secret biometal. Let me intrust it to you and your friends. Meet Model SP. Please take good care of him, and now with all 6 specal biometals, you can now locate the chamber to the secret location of the ultamate biometal. Durring my past life, I invented it just incase something dredful would happen in the distant future, but it was origionally for my son, Rock. You also know him as Megaman or... X. Now Phil can now retrieve it. Good luck.

    *The capsule released Model SP and the capsule deactivated.*

    (Music dies down slowly)

    Model SP= Now, let's go find my other counterparts.

    *Suddenly, Rad contacted Phil*

    RAD= I'd say that's a wrap Nukem, so sir...permission to Returm To Base?

    Phil (radio)= 10-4 Spencer, RTB ASAP...Over & out!!

    *after that, my team along with Duke, Turok & the twins transferred back aboard the Pillar...while I however decided to fly back by using Model IM's flight mode. Back in the Pillar....*

    User Image

    Kay= Phil, that was reckless..... but netherless, you saved our lives.

    Teasel= So this is the Pillar of Autumn. Nice place you got here Phil.

    Duke= Im so happy to get out of there.

    Halkel= Oh Miss Kay, here is the final biometal. Model SP.

    Kay= This is it?

    Model SP= Pleasure to meet you. I trust you have my counterparts?

    Kay= Uhhhh....

    *suddenly, the Tardis materialized in the Pillar of Autumn with Kaolla, Shinobu, Nyamo, Vent, Aile, & Jack.*

    Kaolla= Yo Kay, we got them!

    *The 5 biometals flown to Kay and joined Model SP in a circle arround Kay.*

    Kay= I will analize this data right away!

    *Suddenly, the Pillar was picking up a destress signal from hunters camp*

    (Music playing - Important news/ Metroid Fusion)Download

    Phil= Put it on screen!

    Hunter (radio)= Is this the Pillar of Autumn!?

    Phil= Pillar of Autumn captain Phil speaking.

    Hunter (radio)= I have some bad news relating to John. As soon as the kids and your partner Jack left the camp, a few minnutes later, John megamerged with that Model W in him and now he's run amuck! He's gone mad!

    Phil= WHAT!?

    Hunter (radio)= It was nasty. John's eyes were all red and he blew the door open. That Cinimon girl tried to sustain his Model W power, but it was no use. John's condition has gotten so bad, she cant heal him anymore.

    Kay= Oh my god. Were going to find that legendary treasure now. It's the only way to cure John.

    Hunter (radio)= Ok, we will get as many troops over here as possible and set the camp on full allert incase John does come back.

    Kay= Thank you sir. Phil, we must hurry and retrieve Megaman Gaea now! The location to the shrine of Gaea is in the Giga continent. It's deep in the Metropolis tower and that's where the ultamate biometal is located.

    Phil= Then were heading for Metropolis. Hang on tight!

    Kaolla= Phil! Wait!

    Shinobu= We need to stop John before he can hurt someone.

    Phil= How are we gonna stop him without Megaman Gaea?

    Kaolla= Model C's repairs are complete. She's active again.

    Kay= Model C?

    Phil= Kay, Im going with Kaolla and these girls. Your in charge of the Pillar for now. Take Model OP with you.

    Model OP= If this is your decision, I will honor it. Be careful Phil.

    Phil= Vent, Aile, wanna ride?

    Vent= Of corse.

    Aile= Yes. We want to help John too.

    *Phil Vent, Aile, and the rest of the girls in John's team went into the Tardis and set corse to track John down when.....*

    (Music dies down slowly)

    Jack= Phil, wait! Take these. John gave them to me before the Model W made him mad.

    *Jack hands over John's transporter device and gold keycard to Phil*

    Phil= Thanks mate.

    Jack= I'll stay with Kay...huh?

    Violet= Im going with them too.

    Jack= Violet, but....

    Violet= I too wish to help Phil. John may be going through something big, and .... he is afterall,... my true father.

    Serpant= I wish to go too, Jack.

    Jack= Well.....ok. But you all be careful!

    *Meanwhile......John was in his red eye status and he dashed swiftly through the horizon to the direction of the floating fortress of Zeal. John stopped and floated emotionlessly and suddenly,.... Omega Zero appeared, and he began to talk to John.*

    User Image

    (Music playing - Dark Samus appears/ Metroid Prime 2)Download

    Omega Zero= I finaly knew the power of Model W would get to you if I left you with those kids Ashe and Grey.

    John (Model W)= Yes, my master.

    Omega Zero= I knew leaving those kids with you and with Model A cypering the other megamen and manipulating Master Alberts plan to become megaman king.

    John (Model W)= What is our next objectives?

    Omega Zero= Dr. Wily and Dalton had been hunting for Model W as well as competing with Albert, and with Dr. Wily and Dalton cooperating with queen Zeal and her stupid empire, and had been siezelessly interfearing with Model W's true purpose. I am going to leave the old man and Dalton a nasty calling card. They will pay for what they did to Dr. Weil! And with Zeal destroyed, we can bring him back once we require the palace of Zeal. Go to the fortress of Zeal, and kill everyone in there!

    John (Model W)= Absolutely, my leauge.

    Omega Zero= Since Alberts role in this has all been played out, we no longer need Prometheus and Pandora nor even that iddiot Albert. Model W belongs to Dr. Alfred Weil, and no body else! I too will come allong.

    *John in his corrupted state and Omega Zero dash into the horrizon and head to the Zeal fortress, the Black Omen. Omega Zero and the corrupted John enter the fortress by using a secret hidden teleporter in the wastelands. Inside the main chamber....*

    Zeal= Dalton!? Is that you?

    Omega Zero= Dalton? I dont think so. And im afraid, you will not be seeing him or anyone else again.

    Zeal= What!? Explain yourself!

    Omega Zero= You see..... I been intercepting the communications between you and Dalton. I been manipulating your groups actions so you can construct something for me.

    Zeal= You mean, Dr. Wily's black hole gate?

    Omega Zero= Yes! I had you to make it so it were to become a void gate, so if Lord Weil were to be pulled in, It can be reversed.

    Zeal= Dr. Wily,...he was betrayed by Weil!

    Omega Zero= Now, hand it over. I have a master to bring back.

    Zeal= Never! Guards! Sieze him at once!

    Omega Zero= Bad choice.

    (Music changes to - Battle music 1/ Devil may cry 3)Download

    *Omega Zero pulled out his saber and slashed his attackers and killed anyone who tried to sieze him and ruthlessly hacked everyone else in the room.*

    Zeal= Stop! Your killing everyone!

    Omega Zero= That's the idea! Megaman Model W, get those people. NOW!

    *Corrupted John began to fire at the charging reinforcements of the emperials, and those specal deflector shields they had, couldnt defend them against John's weaponfire of the Model W. Omega Zero took on the defense machine Zeal incased herself in. He hacked and slashed with his omega saber cutting the armor into shreads. Omega Zero then took out the weapons of the defense mechanism, and then the main casing fell out of the machine with Queen Zeal in it.*

    Zeal= No! PLEASE! STOP!

    Omega Zero= Any last words mideval garbage!?

    Zeal= Dr. Wily and Dalton won't let you get away with this! If I die, Dalton will be king of our new empire!

    Omega Zero= The empire is for Dr. Weil ALLONE!

    *Omega Zero stabbed the casing with Zeal inside and the saber went through her chest and Zeal was dead.*

    John (Model W)= What .... what's wrong with me.... AHHHH!!

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *John reverted back to normal, but was still megamerged with Model W.*

    Omega Zero= That's not good. He's still fighting it? I guess the Model W isnt complete just yet.

    John= Where am I?

    (Music playing - Phazon radiation/ Metroid Prime)Download

    Omega Zero= Well, well, well, your awake.....unfortunately.

    John= eh....YOU!

    Omega Zero= Were in the Black Omen. Duh!!

    John= These.... these creatures....these guards.....Queen Zeal.....there killed.

    Omega Zero= I been helping my master on his return of corse. You thought I just be sitting arround? Guess what John, look behind you, see those mongrals behind you?

    John= Yeah, the beings from their world.

    Omega Zero= Those were reinforcements and you helped me out. I really appreciate your help.

    John= I ....was....oh no! I couldnt have....They were allive, I felt it!

    Omega Zero= Fell it do you not? That feeling was Serpant's long ago. This is the suffering he experianced when HE first used Model W when IT began to draw him into it's power. The power of my master. He knew you would be a perfect chosen one for this specal Model W, I gave you. How does it feel. Im certain you know it's power by now.

    John= This thing made me do some bad things, I cant remember clearly.

    Omega Zero= That power, ...it feels good, dosent it? The ability to fire energy from your hands that can cut through orce fields like a hot knife through butter, charring the victim. Just like when you used it on the space pirates.

    *Suddenly, there was rumbling in the background.*

    John= What was that?

    Omega Zero= Reinforcements from the space pirates. They got Zeal's little destress signal. Oh, and another thing. Look over there. Look familiar?

    John= The void gate Dr. Wily had.

    Omega Zero= Yep.....oh, I like to stay and chat but I got to run. Stay allive for me ok? Enjoy the attack! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!

    *Omega Zero jumps on the void gate device and uses his pocket transport device and teleports himself and the machine out of the fortress. Then the space pirates entered the fortress, and John looked on the other corner and it had a self destruct mechanism on the platform Zeal was on. It began to activate and John gasped in horror.*

    John= NO!!

    (Music changes to - Escape theme/ Metroid Prime 2)Download

    *John turned arround and ran as hard as he could, then the space pirates that entered the black omen fortess began to fire at John as he was spotted, but John didnt return fire, he was devistated by the fact that he went corruped and decided to escape without attacking anyone. Then he took cover and hid behind some rubbel.*

    John= YOU SPACE PIRATES!! RUN!! Get out of here! The place is gonna blow! Omega Zero did it!

    Space Pirate 1= SIELENCE!!

    Space Pirate 2= Kill the Model W megaman!!

    John= s**t!

    *John continued to escape and dodge the weaponry, and he grabbed ahold of a pirate cruser and used it to escape the fortress and flew into the horrizon.... and watched as the Black Omen exploded.*

    (Music stops)

    *The Black Omen was destroyed with a loud bang that shook the wastelands....then when he was flying in that pirate cruser, he saw behind him more space pirate troopers and they shot down his cruser, and John fell to the ground and John stumbled on the rotten soil of the wastelands. Suddenly, there was the space pirates surrounding John, and then, he heard a loud call from someone else...*

    ?????= STOP!

    *The space pirates held back their weapons and turned to another group, it was the X hunters.*

    Violen= We got'em at last.

    Sagesse= I knew we find him again sooner or later.

    Agile= Let's contact Tom and tell him the good news.

    *Suddenly, right in the wasteland area, the Tardis began to materialize and from the opening doors, Phil stepped out from it and wearing Model IM.*

    Phil= You 3! Keep your bloody hands of of HIM!

    Kaolla= It's the X hunters!

    Phil= Kaolla, stay in the Tardis. You and those girls are needed inside.

    Vent= Look's like it's show time. John helped us long ago, now it's our turn to repay the favor!

    Aile= You 3 are not going to take him away!

    Serpant= Leave my father allone! I may have fallen victim to Model W, I will not let HIM be the next!

    Violet= He's my real father, and im not letting any of you take him away!

    Serpant= Sister? What are you doing!? This is a man's job!

    Aile= Excuse me!?

    Vent= Violet, your just a kid.

    Violet= Im prepaired to fight too. I may look like a child but I can fight too.

    *Violet megamerges with Model K, Serpant megamerges with Model S, Vent and Aile megamerge with Model's Z and X, but Kaolla stepped out of the Tardis anyway and megamerged with Phil's Model OP.*

    Kaolla= Im not going to loose John over a Model W!

    Agile= Looks like this is the end, for all of you!

    (Music playing - Strong will/ Megaman Zero 2 )Download

    *Agile took the first attack and struck Phil with his big purple sword but Phil kept blocking the hits with his gauntlets and countering with punches and kicks, Kaolla & Violet took on Sagesse, which he was firing a barrage of projectiles and lasers. Serpant, Vent, and Aile took on Violen who was launching his big spiked ball at them, Serpant used Model S's cyber dominance powers and used the hyper bole cyber soul to fire electric projectiles from above and rain below him. Vent and Aile fired a barage of charged shots and at a chance, used some saber attacks on him. Nor each sides of the team shown no sighns of slowing down and or turning back. Violet used some of Model K's cyber elf abilities and using some as a familiar to attack Sagesse and Kaolla casted (Stalagmite) on him and he took big damage. Violen took a good time to attack and struck Vent and Aile with his big ball, but Serpant grabbed him from behind and threw Violen over his direction and used a meteor thresher familiar to attack Violen with a barage of attacks he couldnt evade. Phil fired a barage of blasts on Agile with his repulsars and with some good timing hits, Agile went down, while Serpant finished Violen off with a springer cyber soul and hit him several times. Kaolla and Violet finished off Sagesse with timed specal attacks.*

    (Music stops)

    Agile= Arghhh!

    Violen= You ..... you fools.

    Sagesse= John.....he...

    *Suddenly, John slowly got up, and feeling weak and stumbled as he walked.*

    John= Phil.... you came for me....

    *Suddenly, John's Model W armor glowed a dark maroon color and suddenly, the Model W absorbed the souls of Violen, Agile, and Sagesse.*

    Viloen= AHHHHHHH!!!

    Sagesse= GUAHHHHH!!

    Agile= YAHHHHHHH!!

    *The 3 X hunters dropped to the ground and moved no more. Then suddenly, John's Model W began to glow a dark purple and John flinched with pain.*

    John= Everyone! Stay back! ... AHHH!!

    Phil= Everyone get back inside, if John flips out mad again, I am the only one who can stop him!

    *Suddenly, John went into corruption mode again, and John's eyes now glown from red to dark amber, and now blinded with the rage of the Model W.*

    User Image

    John (Model W)= *evil laugh* Im almost complete. Soon, everyone will be corrupted by the almighty Model W, including YOU!

    Phil= John, mate, Im truely sorry for this but.... I CAN'T ALLOW YOU TO LEAVE LIKE THIS!