It was a Sunday morning, and I was only twelve. Me and my best friend Brooke were running down the dry cracked road to the park. It was a bright and sunny day. We do get a lot of days like this in California. We ran to the park almost every day. The park we went to was an old, run down park. Every one hung out there once a week. This summer all the kids from school are going to try and fix it up. As we ran to the park we noticed a dog walking on the side of the road. It was an orange and white dog. “I think he’s a beagle” I said to Brooke. We looked on his neck for a collar. The collar said Branchwood Boulevard. I turned slowly to look at Brooke. “I think we should return him to his owner” I said. Brooke looked back at me with a puzzled look on her face and said “who would let there dog roam around like this?” “I don’t know” I said. “Well do you want to return him” I said? “Yah I think we should” Brooke said. We turned around and started walking back up the road from the park. We looked at the collar again we looked for the address. We wiped the dirt of the tag and read the numbers 627 Branchwood Boulevard. We walked down a road with houses left and right. We came across the numbers 627 on a white house. We walked up the cold, stone stairs and knocked on the door. There was a small brown bench on the porch. It looked old and untouched. The door slowly creped open. “HELLO” said a booming voice from inside. “Yes, umm, we found your dog walking on the side of the road.” “That’s not my dog” the old man said! “But the collar has your address on it” Brooke said. “I no it does” he said. “Well then it’s yours” we said! “Well I don’t want it” the old man shouted! He then slammed the door on us. We both turned at each other with a confused look on are faces. We turned around and started walking down the cold, stone stairs again. The wind blew and it started to get colder. We still had the dog but the question was, Why didn’t he want it? I had thoughts of rage and anger toward that man but pity and sorrow for the dog. A sad look found upon Brooke’s face made me realize, this dog hadn’t a home! What will we do, where will we keep him? sad

    (if this gets good rating ill put Chapter 2 up)!!!! 3nodding