• It was like I was a bird.....
    I had the body of a human,
    I had the wings of a bird,
    I had the love of a man,
    That made me soar.

    And I was soaring.....
    The man was my compaion,
    The man was my wind,
    But one day the wind left,
    I started to fall from my sky.

    I knew I lost my wings......
    When the Dark Creatures appeared,
    They taunted and terrorized me,
    They ripped me to shreds,
    And watched me lay in my own blood.

    When they finally stopped....
    My compaion had returned,
    But only to lock me in a cage,
    Only to watch me heal again,
    So his pets could play.

    I've been stuck for ages......
    Locked inside this horriable place,
    My wings start to heal back,
    And the creatures return,
    The Nightmare King glances.

    My compaion isn't himself anymore.....
    He watches with his back turned,
    His dark cat taunting me,
    His Pets reaching in my cage,
    And batting me playfully.

    I've tried to escape so many times.....
    But every time I try--I fail,
    His Nightmare creatures catch me,
    And my wounds get worse,
    I wonder if I'll ever fly again.

    I watch from my cage......
    Merely a tattered image of what I used to be,
    I long so dearly for my compaion to see me,
    I long so badly for him to be my wind under my wings,
    I want that second chance.

    But my cage is still locked......
    My compaion keeps his back to me,
    Content with the black cat in his lap,
    The Cat that sneers at me from his side,
    That taunts me daily with his touch.

    So I will sit......
    Inside this terriable cage,
    I will let my wings heal again,
    Even if it only means the King will look,
    To sick his cat or his pets on me.

    I will wait.....
    Even if I die in this cage,
    Even If I never feel the wind under me,
    Even if he never speaks my name,
    If I can have that second chance in the next lifetime.

    I will wait where ever he puts me.