• She stepped outside into the crisp night air and hugged the fleece blanket. Oh how she had wished she was hugging him right now, but this would have to do. It had been eight months since he had left for college while she was stuck at home to finish her senior year of high school. She couldn’t help but wish he had picked a closer college instead of one that required him to fly back and forth. At least he would be home next month, but the days were going by even slower now.
    The grass was thick and soft under her bare feet. She made her way towards their spot, their special spot right underneath the towering oak tree. It was under that tree where they would lie together once a month ever since they had first started dating. There they would cuddle, kiss, or just talk. They never missed it, except the one time when he had been stuck at home, sick with the flu.
    When she reached their spot she put out the blanket in just the right place so she could see the sky through the branches. Tonight was perfect. The moon shone brightly, lighting up the tops of the trees which surrounded her home. Stars hovered in the heavens, shimmering as they looked down at the world. Clouds drifted on an unseen path, momentarily hiding the moon, but failing to restrain its glow. The trickling of water from a nearby stream could be heard under the sound of chirping crickets.
    Her phone vibrated and her heart sped up. She looked at the tiny screen, it was him.

    It’s so beautiful tonight. Wish you were here.

    She smiled and told him she wished she was with him too, but that tonight was a perfect night here. It reminded her of the last time they had laid beneath the stars before he went away. She didn’t have to wait long for his reply.

    I can’t wait until I’m home and I can hold you in my arms again. At least we’re looking at the same beautiful moon and stars right now. If I close my eyes I can almost feel you beside me. I miss you so much.

    He always knew just what to say to her. Other girls told her to watch out. They said he would be going to parties, meeting other girls, and that he would give into the temptation of a new relationship. They were wrong. Their relationship was as strong as ever.
    She told him how much she missed him and how amazing he was. He made her so happy even when he was hundreds of miles away. Again, he replied quickly, never wanting to leave her waiting.

    Thank you sweetie smile but I’m sorry I have to get back to studying. I have a ten page essay due Monday morning and I have to get an A. I’m sorry. I love you so much. Goodnight beautiful.

    She sighed. He was such a hard worker and always had to study for some sort of test. She didn’t mind. College was tough and he needed to have his uninterrupted time to study. She kept her reply simple and said she loved him and that she wished him luck.

    His phone vibrated and he saw her name flash across the screen but didn’t bother to look at her response.
    “Who was that?” His other girl asked. He shut his phone off and shoved it in his coat pocket. The first two months he was away from her would have been lying outside looking at the moon just as he lead her to believe, but everything had changed since then. This had become his usual routine. Text his girl from back home something romantic to chase away any worries, then get back to the party.
    “No one important,” he said and finished his beer. He kissed her, making sure he kept his back turned to the window. He didn’t want to see the night sky.