• Jay strolled into the arena with his thumbs hanging loosely in his pockets, taking his sweet time getting into position. Once he was there he cocked and eyebrow in mock interest as Benji attempted to throw his nerves over the edge by having his battle slaves lace up his armor, shine his boots, etc. Things to make the senior apprentices pee their pants and chicken out so that they wouldn’t progress. Today was the day that all the senior apprentices of the Demonicriss would make the journey from apprentice/slave to a full fledged soldier. It was considered to be a great honor.

    Jay sighed. Yea, some great honor. You go from the little boy who brought the crazed murderer his sword to being the crazed murderer. He squared his shoulders as Benji finally finished attempting to scare him. He faked a yawn and saw the anger build in Benji’s eyes. Jay just smiled slightly. Benjis face turned a bright red. He wasn't scared of Benji. Sure he was older, stronger, more experienced and maybe a bit more skilled, but Jay knew he could handle it. But then again most sixteen-year-olds thought like that. Jay unsheathed his two duel swords from their scabbard slung across his back and winked at Benji. Benji charged.

    Jay sidestepped Benji as he lunged at him, brandishing his sword. Benji turned but Jay easily parried the blow. Jay shook his head as Benji attempted to run him through again. He stuck his foot out and sent his superior sprawling. He knew that Benji was more skilled than he was acting. Jay had seen this technique before. Allow the empty-headed apprentince get cocky then stab them when they werent looking.

    Jay rolled his shoulders and twirled his swords to calm his nerves as he watched Benji slowly stand up. He noticed how benji was repositioning his sword and glanced down to check that the heavy knife all Demonicirss warriors carried. The smiled disappeared from his face. This was it. Go time.

    Benji turned slashing at Jay quickly, attemtping to disarm him. Jay spun around knocking Benji to the ground by whacking him in the head with the butt of his right sword. Benji grunted and swung his sword around, aiming for Jay's head. Jay dropped placing both of his hands flat on the ground while spinning his leg around knocking Benji to the ground, again.

    "Enough of that boy! Fight like a real man!" Benji roared. Jay just shrugged and braced himself as Benji charged again.

    "Whatever you say O wise master." Jay replied grinning. Benji brought his sword down and Jay blocke it with his left arm. He Pressed the flat of his right sword on top of Benjis sword, preventing it from moving. His twisted and dug his hip into Benji's side knocking the air out of him. Benji jumped back removing the blade from his belt. Now he was doubly armed. Jay stepped back and brought his right foot directly behind his left for more leverage. Benji lunged.

    Jay crouched 'Wait for it, wait for it...' he thought to himself 'NOW!' Jay spun to his right as the older man stabbed at him from both ways so his wepaons made an X pattern. Jay resheathed his swords, grabbed the collar of Benji's shirt pulling forcing hte man to kneel and bringing his left foot up and over his back and kicking Benji's head in one fluid movement.

    Jay didnt even try to hide his smile as 'superior master' fell flat on his face and turned over. Jay lazily unsheathed his swords and crossed them in front of his mentors face.

    Jay just said one word "Dead." Benji allowed his head to fall flat on the ground for a moment. Jay resheathed his swords and stood back offering Beji his hand. Benji gruffly took his hand and stood.

    "As much I hate to admit it. And as much as I hate you young man." Benji sighed "I dare say you have proven yourself worthy of being a soldier." He handed Jay the wolf tooth fang earing that all the apprentinces had to acquire the week before.

    Jay bowed his head "It has been a pleasure learning from you Master Benji. I am honored to be presented with this token of maturity." He replied. Jay took the earing an inserted into his ear with the other five, one from each year he had been training. He turned to face his comrades waiting in line behind him and bowed. They all cheered and Jay walked away smiling. 'One step closer to finding my family.' he thought cheerfully.