• They are not big of course but many people don’t bother to go inside like I did. I had wanted to just to explore... and then I fell. That must have been how I landed in here. Well if it were day the whole would be seen but now everything is dark but what my cell phones light can reach. Well with that in mind I turn at once and point my cell phones light where I walked. But all I see is tunnel.

    I let out an aggravated sigh and point its light up to see just what I expected. It is simply to far up. It was far enough to knock me out for several hours and to far door me to climb. There is nothing at all around me to even grab onto. It would have to be about 6ft for me to even have a chance. But it looks a good 10 feet up.

    But what the hell is a tunnel doing down here? With a light annoyed sigh I start to walk deeper and deeper in. Everything is dust covered and I am thrilled to think I might actually be walking in something made many, many years ago. To think of how old it all can be is simply overwhelming at the least. But of course this kind of stuff always means it is actually a dream.

    Wait, should I be afraid? Is this the point where a monster will come out of no where and suck out my brains or something? I would like to think no, but... well great now I AM scared. I can’t even enjoy how cool this place is. I walk only about 20 more feet until something startles me. I see bars coming up from the floor and blocking any humans way into the room behind it.

    It is a jail cell, a very old one. But there is more than one. There is about one every 6 feet on each side for as far as my cell phones light can reach. This sight... makes me feel a bit sick and i pray in my head that there are no dead bodies in them. My fears take hold and tell me to turn back but my mind... my mind wants to move on.

    I am trust with curiosity but which one is stronger? Slowly I take a stiff step forward my two ideas on this fighting each other as I do so. But then I take another step, then another, and soon I am walking down this old dungeon with my cell phone giving me a dull light. My eyes scan through the bars to see some rooms completely empty and others that seem to have crumbled stone in them. Maybe this place was never used?

    Well I walk on for a small waze until something off catches my eye. I turn abruptly as I notice a room that is no like the others. It did not have broken stone and it was not empty... there was some one inside. It is to dark to see what but the painful fact is I can see from there I am that is is not bones, it it thick than that and is the shape of a person sitting at the far in of the room with chains draped around him.

    I feel my breath shorten and everything in my body go stiff. I had a moment where I thought I was going to scream just like any other girl but I was some how cut off and I could only stand there shocked and with out words. God’s how I hope now that this is a dream. It is frightening and to much for me to handle. It seems now that the dark is more real than anytime before.