• She looked out the window, her pale faced pressed to the glass, her brown hair splayed around her. She blinked her blue eyes and watched, her eyes peeled for an owl in the air.
    She shrieked excitedly, watching the barn owl land on the post in her kitchen. She raced forwards, snatching a piece of bread off the counter.
    She swapped the bread for the letter, ignoring the short cuts the bird was cutting on her fingers.
    She opened the letter carefully, with the utmost care, as though it was about to evaporate. She'd been waiting since her elder sister, Mary, had gotten her letter to Hogwarts. And each year, her elder siblings had gotten theirs and she was all alone till her's came, today. She read the letter swiftly, and then traced the letters on the piece of parchment with her fingers.
    'Dear Ms. Cannon...' she mouthed, before screaming for her mother to get down the stairs so they could go to Diagon alley.