• For every decision made, there will always be a consequence. It could be so insignificantly small that no one notices. It could be so grandly large that every one notices, but it’s there. For every decision made, there will always be a consequence… But who actually listens to that rule?
    *Welcome to the dark show…*
    “Mmmmm…” *…the greatest show unearthed…*
    “Cassidy! Your phone!”
    “Five more minutes…”
    “Cassidy, the phone!”
    “Mmmmm…” Mrs. Fintan took the liberty of letting herself into her daughter’s room.
    “Cassidy, its 10:00 am! How long are you going to sleep? Now get up and shut up that phone, this is the third time it has rung!” The slam of the bedroom door was enough to scare Cassidy out of bed and straight to the floor.
    “Can you slam the door any louder?!” She shouted at the wooden barrier.
    “Can you sleep any longer?” Was the muffled response.
    Grumbling, Cassidy slowly rose off the scattered trinkets impaling her back. She carefully navigated the debris covered floor to her desk, well, where the desk was supposed to be. She rummaged around in the bag slung over the chair for the phone that was now wailing Creature Feature’s The Greatest Show Unearthed for the fourth time. When the Envi3 was uncovered, Cassidy was less than happy to find who was calling. With a sigh and a yawn, she answered.
    “You certainly won’t let a girl enjoy her quite time will you?”
    “Is that code for you were sleeping?” Answered the quirky voice of her best friend Anna.
    “You’ll thank me anyway.”
    “I’m sure I will even though I never have. What’s the new important info?”
    “You’re cranky when you’re tired.”
    “How long have you known me?”
    “There’s a carnival in town.”
    “Why is this important enough to wake your nocturnal friend at 10 in the morning in the middle of summer?”
    “It’s super exclusive and super Goth.”
    “Are you implying something?”
    “The only showing is at midnight and they’re only here for three nights.”
    “At least consider it.”
    “… Fine.”
    “Great, I bought the tickets for tonight!”
    “See you in a few, we’ll go shopping.” The line went dead. Cassidy gave out a frustrated snort and then went for the door as she was thinking of a way to convince her mom to let her, a sixteen-year-old, out after dark. This was never going to work, but, then again, that might be a good thing.