• “Sami, you have to stop! This isn’t you.” My expression was one of shock but part of me was dying inside.
    “I wanted to tell you-” I stopped him before he could say anything further.
    “You are my best friend. You tell me everything. If you wanted to tell me then you would have.” I stared down at the floor praying silently. Placing his hands on my face, he stepped forward.
    “You are the Angel of Light.” I indecisively pulled away from his touch. All I ever wanted was standing in front of me slowly slipping away to a place where I can’t reach it.
    “The Angel of Light? That’s a myth! I’m nothing!” He gripped his rapier tighter.
    “You are everything.” He pulled the blade eye level. Glinting off the sword was the sun seeping in through the stained glass ceiling in the small chapel. I searched his eyes for any hint of the person I once knew inside of that body. The person that had never left me until now. For some reason, there seemed to be small traces of sadness in his pale face. A sadness that may have been there the whole time. A sadness that may have been reflective of my own. He closed his eyes. I had but seconds to think. There was nothing. I closed my eyes as well and waited for his blade to pierce my chest and my already broken heart. In that moment time lost me and with a quick slip of the tongue I whispered: “I love you.”