• Worlds apart 2/3(sorta)

    "I am so late" i said under my breath. It was possible that this time Mrs. Allen would finally give up on me. I turned a corner and slammed into something hard.
    "Are you ok" Said the person
    "ya, you" i said still unsure of who it was.
    "ya, Helena were are you going, you could have gotten hurt" the voice said with that all to familiar worry. It was Max.
    I looked up(yes he's so tall i had to look up) And saw Max.
    "What are you doing here Max"
    "this is the only time i can practice the electric guitar because no class is in this wing during this time."
    "oh that's right i forgot, oh no I'm Late" i shrieked and ran down the hall. I could hear Max dying of laughter half way down the hall.
    I ran down the Familiar halls with badly painted murals and pictures. Until i came to a huge tapestry with the music to "Ode to Joy" on it. The band and orchestra room is the biggest room in the whole school. One side of the room is the Band room the other side is the orchestra room. There separated by a very big storage room, on side holds all of the flutes, oboes, clarinets, trombones, and french horns, and the other side holds all of the violins violas and some Some other things. Then there are two more storage rooms, one in each room. To avoid trouble, the band classes all practice in the morning and the orchestra classes practice in the after noon. The band and orchestra teachers let students practice in the room's during there lunch or free hour, they also give lesson's. I'm taking a piano Lesson asides from playing the saxophone. I Stood in the door way looking over room, black plastic chairs and old black stands. Sighed and then breathed in the smell of the room, i don't know how to explain it but there's something about this room that's just so amazing. This i my most favorite room in the whole school. I stood there taking in the moment when i finally realized that i didn't hear Mrs. Allen screaming at me for being late. I looked around the room but, i didn't see Her. I looked in the back room and the storage room but i couldn't find her. Finally i made my way to the piano. I dumped my bag on the floor next to the piano bench, and sat down. The old wooden piano bench creaked under my weight. "where is she" i thought. I turned around and began to play "heart and soul". When something caught my attention, a sticky note.
    "I'm so sorry Helena but something came up and i had to leave, i was going to have Max tell you, see other note. (second sticky note) that your lesson was canceled but Jason offered to do the Lesson, hope you don't mind." Mrs. Allen.
    "Jason................ she can't mean............. no it can't be............ can it" i said panic over coming me. No not Jason, any one but Jason I thought. I panicked. I made a motion of grabbing my bag when i heard someone inter the room, and froze.
    "hey Helena, ready for your lesson." Said Jason.
    "i'll take that as a yes." he said hiding his laughter.
    I kept my head down, so that my hair would cover my face, so he wouldn't see it(so he wouldn't see me blushing violently).My stomach started doing back flips, and my stomach sank.
    "So your learning how to play "the entertainer" right?"
    "yes" i whispered.
    'Alright then lets start" he said and began to play. I followed. My fingers were shaking so hard i was afraid that i couldn't play. But some how i could. But then he stopped playing.
    "ok, thats it, your hair is driving me crazy". he said. Then he pulled my hair back. I was dyeing of embaresment inside. I could feel the coolness of his fingers. i think my heart skipped a beat.
    "ok now lets try it again" he said.
    "ok" i whispered.
    We played for a long time, he corected whatever i was doing wrong.
    "all right Helena what do you want to play now"
    I thought for a moment then said "heart and soul"
    he said nothing for a moment then said "all right but you have to play the melody"
    "ok i whispered"
    We played "heart and soul", we even sang the song. It was nice but then a nock on the door stopped us.
    "hey Jason i was looking for you, omg Noah wouldn't tell me where you were, i had to beg for 10 min.'s it was so not fun. So any ways where have you been, well duh now i know. Hi Helena" said Angela. She talked so fast. But when she finished she shot a smile at us that could have made an angel look like ugly.
    "Hi Angela" i said, looking past Jason.
    Jason said nothing, in fact he was stiff as a board. I tugged on his sweater sleeve. After a second or two he looked down at me. His chocolate eyes filled with some unknown feeling. I could feel my face burning up.
    "say something Jason" i whispered.
    He took a while. As if debating something. Then finally he said something.
    "Hey Angela, sorry i missed you at lunch, i had to help out Mrs. Allen." he said. without looking at me he got up and walked to the door.
    "See ya around Helena" said Angela waving, smiling just the same, the bracelets on her arm jingling, then she turned, causing her Halo( her hair, beautiful curls and waves) to follow her. She reached out and took Jason's arm. Then they disappeared down the hall.
    No wonder people say she's the most beautiful person you'll ever meet. She's smart too. The very definition of amazing. Sometimes I think if i had to choice who Jason would be with and it couldn't be me, it would be her, hands down. I picked up my bag and started for the door when Noah stopped in front of the door.
    "hey Helena, did Jason already leave" he asked
    "ya you just missed him, he left with-"
    "Angela."he interrupted
    "ya, how did you know"
    "Shot i was hoping to to beat her here.........sigh........... sometimes i don't even know why she broke up with him, its obvious she likes him, and Jason is so clueless"
    "Alli and Max were looking for you"
    "ok........." i said looking at the ground.
    "come on lets go find them."
    "ok" i whispered. Noah turned off the light before leaving the room.
    "where is he" Angela demanded, hitting the lunch table(causing her bracelets to jingle), for a dramatic affect, that or she was mad.
    "NOAH, YOU KNOW WHERE HE IS, NOW TELL ME." she screamed reaching her limit.
    You know people always say that Angela is the most amazing person you'll ever met, they say things like "omg, Angela is so pretty." "Gorgeous is more like it", "She's so smart" "She's hot, "she's so patient when helping people.". People say it all the time because they don't know how much of a total b***h she can be, they never even consider that she isn't an angel or some sort of perfect human. This is one of the reason's i like Helena much better. That's why no power on earth would get me or anyone else to talk. So i thought.
    "Oh for the love of God Noah just tell her where he is, not even Helena and Jason are worth this much screaming!!!!" yelled Scott starting to give into Angela.
    you know that feeling you get when something that you know shouldn't have happened, happens. Well trust me i got that feeling like 10 times over. I kicked Scott so hard that he flinched(Scott is really big, i'm tall but it ends there)and cursed.
    "SCOTT" i yelled.
    "Helena, hmmmm......... aha" she said as her face lit up. "He's in the band room practicing with Helena, thanks for nothing Noah." she headed for the door, then turned her head and stuck her tongue out at me.
    "Scott get rid of my lunch for me, thanks to you i have to beat Angela to the band wing"i said getting up.
    "ya ok, sorry about that, you know I'm on your side, but you know Angela gets on my nerves, i want things to work out between Jason and Helena, Angela is just so damn unsupportable. Helena is so much nicer. Remember to go through the Freshman wing, it'll give you a fair chance." he said as i walked away.
    "Thanks Scott" i said, heading towards the back door that would lead me to the Freshman wing.
    The lunch room is located closer to the freshman wing because the freshman have to eat lunch first(there always hungry) while the rest of us starve to death. I turned down the hall and almost ran into Max and Alli.
    "hey Noah, have you seen Helena."
    "um no, i think she's still in the band room with Jason, why."
    "Oh that's right, i thought she would have finished by now."