• Part 1

    I was out on the gazebo at my home. The gazebo was in the middle of a pond that had lilly pads and alfalfa in it. i heard the boards of the walk way creak as somebody walked to the gazebo. i didnt look to see who it was, but soon i felt arms wrap around my waist, i felt a chin rest on my shoulder and a steady breathing on my neck, "I love u Aiko" said a male voice.
    "i love u 2 Kisho" i said flatly. he turned me around to face him, he put a hand on the side of my face,
    "Ur sister aint dead," he said with a straight face,
    "That aint funny, u shudnt joke like that" i turned away from him breaking out of his grip but he had my hand,
    "Why wud i joke about that? That wud b cruel, i kno how ur relationship with ur sister was, u were practically her mom," i didnt look at him but stared out the windows my dad had put on the gazebo so my sister wudnt fall out into the water but wud we still need the windows if Kisho was lying? but what if he isnt lying? said a little voice in my head.
    "If Machiko isnt dead then where is she?" i slowly said, he was stepping closer to me.
    "She's in this parallel world" he said, i frowned but b4 i cud yell at him for being so cruel he continued talking, "There are a few portals to the world she's in, in that world she's a long lost princess, she wasnt supposed to stay so long that people in this world would notice her absence but something went wrong and she got stuck there, there is only one person that can fix the portal and thats me. But im not there and the portal that can take us directly to her location is down so we hav to go the long way,"
    "i dnt believe u," i said, he shrugged his shoulders
    "i knew u wouldnt," he said as he pulled out a thin silver chain with a golden ball at the end. The golden ball had a large crack in the center, coming from the crack was a bright light, i looked through it to see strange looking animals and a few i could recognize, there were buildings modern times and from the middle ages.
    "What is this?" i asked in awe,
    "The orb is a portal, i blow in the crack and it transports me to the portal i want,"
    "Why to the portal and not just to ur destination?" i asked,
    "If only things were that easy," he said with a light hearted laff. I liked the sound of his laugh, i always have; i dnt kno y but i always i had this strange attraction to him.
    "So can i come with u to get my sis?" i asked
    "of course, lets go,"
    "Yes, u wont need anything, the portal we're going to takes us outside the kingdom Machiko is in" he explained, i nodded my head as i comprehended wat he said.
    He pulled me by my waist so i was right under his arm. He lifted the orb to his mouth and blew in the crack.
    I felt lightheaded as the world swirled and melted away into gold and silver flecks filled the air.

    ***to be continued***