• I opened my locker and got some of my books out. "So, I heard a new girl was transferring to our school today." Nicole said. "Woo, it's been a long time since we had someone transfer to our school." The bell rang and I rushed to class. My homeroom teacher, Mrs.Bloom looked like she had a Announcement. "Kids, we have a new student today. Please meet Naomi Patterson."
    Naomi walked in the classroom and waved to everybody. She sat down behind me in the open desk. Then 10 minutes later, the bell rang. Everybody jumbled out of the classroom. Then I noticed Naomi walking behind me. Then I noticed her locker was RIGHT beside me. "Hi." Naomi says to me. "Are you Laura Jefferson?" She asks. "Yes." I answer. "Do you remember me? Naomi Patterson?" I gave her a confused look."What?" I looked around. "We were best friends is kindergarten. Remember?" I still had a confused look on my face, but the name 'Naomi Patterson' is coming to me. "Naomi Iris Patterson?" She nods to me. Then I have a flashback: It was my first day of kindergarten at Potomac Elementary school. My mom dropped me off at class, and I just sat down somewhere. Then my kindergarten teacher, Ms.Tammy said, "This is your seat for now on." She tapes a name tag on the desk. Then a girl with blonde hair in a simple ponytail sits next to me. "My name is Naomi. What's yours?" I shiver. "L-Laura." I said to her in a shivery voice. "Wanna play together at recess?" She smiles. And I give her a little smile back. "Yes." End of flashback. "Naomi?" I gasp. "Laura?" She gasp. We hug each other. "Long time, no see." Says Naomi. I shoot her a smile. She shoots me a smile back. We break our hug. Then, Nicole walks up behind me. "Laura? You know Naomi?" She asks me. "Yep. We met in kindergarten." Me and Naomi met in kindergarten, while Nicole and I met in second grade. Naomi had to move away in first grade because of her mother's job. "Oh!" I reach in my orange backpack and I reach for some papers. I hand one to Naomi and hand a pile to Nicole. Naomi scans it. "You have a family business? I do too! But it's a frozen yogurt shop." I smile. "Where?" Naomi looks down at the paper. I notice Nicole is already gone handing the papers out. "Adrian road? Cool! And It's opening right next to you!" I smile. She hugs me, and then we break apart. Nicole blurts something out behind me, but then she runs. Whats wrong with Nicole?