• I had been up in the same cherry tree for about two hours working on my ocular jutsu to see into peoples pasts. I didn't want to see anything really bad, so I only used it on some children who were playing with each other. My head was pounding a bit but, I had to figure out a way to make this jutsu better, since my brother hid away the family scroll for it. Darn my brother, I thought thinking about how I kicked him out this morning, just to go see my team. "Maybe I should have been nicer to him?" I said allowed thinking. "I'll go buy him something in return!" I said to myself jumping off the tree branch, to only feel my legs get all wobbly, then fall on my butt. "Well that was fun," I forgot how much charka I used in the last two hours, so I was just going to lye there till I felt better. I closed my eyes for a moment till a shadow covered my face. Opening a eye I found a guy about 17, brown spiky hair and blue eyes standing by me. "Who are you and what do you want?" I questioned looking up at him. He looked disappointed and sad at the same time.
    "Oh Akane you don't even recognize your own brother?" He said looking at me still. I hopped onto my feet, and walked around him, examining him. "Oh come one it's just a transformation jutsu Akane," He said suddenly startling me a bit.
    "Okay then, you’re my brother!" I said happily like he'd won a prize. "Why'd you transform?" I asked. " Don't you have something better to do?" He told me he was on a mission of his own, but I'd never thought he'd just appear in front of me in the day light.
    "I wanted to see how your training was going!" He said hugging me tightly. "Your starting to get a hang on the ocular jutsu aren't you?" He said asking a rhetorical question, while messing up my hair. "I want to spend the day with you! Anyways if one of your friends asks questions, just say I'm a friend you met here," I looked up at him excitedly.
    "Really, but what about your organization thing?" I asked seeing as I finally get to spend real time with him!

    I waved a hand nonchalanatly. "Overworked myself. But enough about my Genin self. You have a debt to pay, Sir Sannin."
    Jiraiya looked at me sourly, before pulling out the money and handing it over to the waitress, who then walked away like nothing had happened. He stood, grinning. "I think this is the part where we eagerly part ways-"
    As he turned to walk away, I grabbed his ponytail. He turned to glare at me over his shoulder. "What now?"
    "Will you train me?"
    Jiraiya looked irritated. "You just said you have two senseis. and you passed out from being overworked. Did you lose a brain cell or two when I broke that table with your arm?"
    "Why are you so eager to get rid of me?" I asked angrily. "And I don't mean like training training, I mean like...well, Kurenai teaches me Genjutsu and Kakashi teaches me Taijutsu. And so, to follow that pattern..."
    "You want me to teach you Ninjutsu." he said dryly.
    "Exactly. And that doesn't neccessarily warrant me using up chakra. More like...studying."
    "Kid, I'm not much of a book teacher. I'm more of a retired ninja right now. Spending my days doing research, partying with the ladies..."
    I cast him a pleading look. He shook his head. "You sound majorly overworked as it is. I'm not adding to it."
    I eyed him reproachfully then. "Please? What if I promise to drop my medical nin training? And help you with your writing?"
    "Hey, I don't need help with my writing. i'm already a bestselling author." he puffed out his chest, beaming.
    I tugged his ponytail. "I bet you're tired of paying all those editors, though. Think of all the money you could save."
    Jiraiya was silent for a long moment, considering. Finally he folded his arms. "Let go of my hair and we have a deal."

    My brother looked at me as we began walking from the park. "Oh well I'm sort of on a break," He said shrugging.
    "Well that's nice then," I smiled back at him. "Oh I wanted to cook you something since your still alive, and everything! So what do you want?" I started asking him. I was really close with my brother anyways, he did deserve a bit of a nicer sister now.
    "Oh Akane I couldn't have you do that. You'd be wasting your well earned money, as a ninja!" He was waving his hands in front of his face like he was saying no.
    "Are you saying I'm a bad cook?" I looked up at him with puppy eyes, seeing as it always worked when I was little.
    His eyes widened. "Oh Akane you can make me whatever you want!!" Wow that was a quick reaction from him using the guilt card. "How about some fried rice, and dumplings! You do know how to make those don't you?" He seemed more excited now that he was getting some food out of it.
    "Yep I know how to make those!" I said smiling. "I learned everything while you were gone," I told him, which got him talking more about how I lived while he was gone.
    "How was everything after I left what happened?" He questioned.
    "Well," I paused thinking everything over. "I lived with another ninja for a while, and took classes at the academy till the sent me here to live and graduate, seeing as it was safer for my being," I explained with some hand gestures.
    "Oh that's good," Juro had closed his eyes, and put a hand to his heart in a relieving gesture.
    "Yep! What about you, the only thing I remember is you not coming back, and the Kazekage telling me you were kidnapped?" I asked my own question seeing as I deserved a better reason than just him being in an originization.
    "Whelp," Juro said making the "P" in the word pop. "They just happened to want me for my powers of being a ninja," He said which confused me a bit.

    I followed Jiraiya out of the restaurant, holding onto his hair once again. He begrudgingly tolerated this until we were at the door of a hotel. he then turned sharply, making me lose my grip. "Wait here."
    Folding my arms, I obliged. A few minutes later he came back outside, handing me a large box. I took it warily. "What's this."
    "Well, you see, I've been on a writing spree lately." he grinned happily at me. "And so, since you just promised to be my editor - doing the job for free, might I add - I thought it would be good if you started right away."
    I glared at him over the lid of the box. "You owe me."
    He set a hand on my shoulder, ushering me away. "All in good time. I'll be the best Ninjutsu teacher you ever had!" he snickered. "After you're done editing." Before I could object he sprang away happily.
    Glowering, I went to the hospital, doing good of my promise and dropping out of my hospital medical nin training. I had only learned one important jutsu - something about transferring chakra to the injured, speeding up the healing process. Iruka was walking around his room, slight limp barely noticeable as he gathered up his things. He turned as I entered. "What's in the box?" he asked.
    "Jiraiya's papers."
    "Jiraiya's papers?" a pause. "He's in town?"
    "Yes, spying on bath houses."
    "So like him." Iruka turned away, and then jumped back around. "You didn't STEAL those, did you?!"
    "Of course not," I huffed, folding my arms. "I'm editing them in exchange for training."
    "You're training with HIM now?" iruka scowled. "Wasn't this supposed to be a day off?"
    I smiled. "Calm down. Book training. Not actual training."
    At this, iruka looked slightly relieved. However, looking at the childish scribble in the box, I was anything but.

    "Because of how strong you are? Well that seems kind of stupid to me," I said giving him a suspicious glare. "What sort of organization is this anyway?" He wouldn't tell me anything other thing other than they were dangerous to me, and that they were all powerful ninja. Finally getting to the apartment, I opened the door for my brother to get in. Walking into the kitchen he release he transformation jutsu and stretched his arms.
    "Oh that feels better," He said releasing a held breath, and putting his arms down.
    "Why you can't hold a jutsu to long?" I questioned getting out the ingredients I needed for his meal.
    "Pffh, no I just prefer staying in my own skin," He said sounding smug. I looked at him like he was stupid. "What?!" Juro asked.
    "Nothing you just seem a bit, I don't know different, from when we lived together," I said while sticking some rice in water.
    "How so?" He challenged asking about himself.
    "You're more annoying than I remember," I said bluntly. He spit out his drink quickly after I said it.
    "That's probably cause you were just a little toddler back then," Juro had gotten up out of his seat, and walked over to me, to just pinch my cheeks, and make baby sounds. I swatted his hands away. "And now you also have your own conscious which makes you think your smart, handsome brother is annoying," I laughed at his way off describing himself.
    "Really? And has a girl ever asked you out?" I asked back at him the rice finishing. I started on the dumplings, putting a mixture of meat into the dough, and then putting it into another of boiling water.
    "Maybe," He said now looking away. Hehe I was right.
    "Liar, that is no in your language," I said to him.