• As he walked slowly across the waste land, Tyler couldn't help but think of how stupid he was to wear an overcoat.
    "Dang it! I need to think things through more often", he said as he shruged off his worn out duster revealing the bandages underneath, "Whew should have packed some water stressed STUPID!"
    After walking for hours Tyler had expected to see some form of life infected or not. On the horizon Tyler could make out a several shapes, three moving slowly towards a single fast shape.
    "What in the world", he said as he started running faster towards the figures.
    As Tyler got closer he could make out what he had thought he saw, three infected limping slowly towards a young boywho seemed to have hurt his leg.
    Tyler smiled to himself.Finaly i get to have some fun!,he thought as he lunged at a zombie while reaching behind his back.
    Faster than the young boy could blink, Tyler unsheathed his buster sword and sliced the zombie in half.
    "One", said Tyler as he swung and choped the next infecteds head cleanly off,"Two", suddenly he swung the sword and the blade flew off the hilt and slamed into the final zombies head,"Three."
    Meenwhile the young boy had watched this and flintched as he watched Tyler yank out his blade from the zombies head and reconnected it to his hilt. Then Tyler stuck out his hand and helped the boy up.
    "Can you walk", Tyler asked.
    "Yeah I'll be fine", the boy said as he stumbled.
    "Yeah right, your ankle's sprained. Here I'll carry you", Tyler said as he picked up the boy,"Now where do you live?"
    "Downsville, its that way", the boy said as he pointed North.
    "Alright lets get going", Tyler said walking towards Downsville.
    " Uhh by the way thanks mister. I'm Chastin, blacksmiths apprentice."
    "No problem, and im Tyler, blade expert and Z Hunter"

    -----End Chapter 1-----

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