• Audrey's P.O.V

    "We won! But most importantly, against the bulldogs!" We scream for joy. Then a girl with long, blonde hair walks over to us. "Name is Gina. Captain of the bulldogs cheer team." She says, pointing to the bulldog cheerleaders. "As you know, we NEVER ever EVER ever..." She goes on. "We get it!" We all shout out. "Whatever. Anyway, my girls have decided and we want a private competition in my backyard." She continues. "So? You agree?" Everybody looks at me. They look like there expecting me to say yes. I nod at them, turn back to Gina and shout, "Your on!" I stomp my right foot. She crosses her arms, and walks back over to the bulldogs. "There babies! Mad over losing one little game." We all laugh. "I thought they said, 'The bull dogs are tough.'." We all crack up that time. Then, I start to get serious. "Well girls, you heard the girl! We have a private competition coming up! We need lots of practice, water, and exercise!" I shout. "We also need to know when the competition is, where, when, and what time." Co-captain Jo says. "So, I suggest we all go to Audrey's house on Monday, and my house on Tuesday. Then the cycle goes on and on, until we know when the competition is." Jo shouts. "So, girls, you all got this?!" I shout. "Yes!" They shout back. "Good. Come to my house Monday at 1:00. Sharp." I say a little softly. Everybody nods, and walks around getting there bags.

    Jo's P.O.V


    The cheerleaders follow me up the street to Audrey's house. I knock on her door, and she opens it. "Right on time." She invites us in. She opens her back door, and shuts it behind her. I walk up next to Audrey. She gets out a box of purple and yellow pom-poms. She hands it to all of us. "Okay, put your hand out like this.." She says. "Put your leg up.." I continue.
    15 minutes

    "Good job girls!" Me and Audrey shout. "Grab your bags, and go home." Audrey says.