• Night sneezed and wiped his nose with his sleeve. Was someone talking about him? Wait, of course someone was. Mika was handing out wanted posters of him.
    That stupid girl, Night curses, she doesn’t know what she’s getting into.
    He was sitting on a hammock that was beside a window in a old, abandoned building. The walls were made of concrete and all the windows had black bars. It must’ve been a prison or maybe a hospital for the mentally unstable. But whatever it used to be, right now it’s just a dark, lonely place.
    “What do I do…” Night says, staring out the window. He’s been hiding for too long. It’d be a waste to give up now. “What to do…”
    “I’d start with leaving this place, or there’ll be hell to pay” a very deep, slow voice says from behind.
    Night didn’t bother to turn and look. “And who is the one that’ll bring upon this punishment?”
    “Me,” the man threw a punch at Night but he disappeared. “What the—”
    “Who are you?” Night’s voice says from the shadows. “What is it you want?”
    “You know exactly who I am…Night” he took a quick step to the left and disappeared, reappearing in front of Night.
    How did he—? Night dodged before the man’s fist made contact with his gut. And then he gasped. The light from the window lit up the man’s face. He was very old, dark skinned, and had a long grey beard. On his face is a scar stretching from the forehead to the lips. It caused his right eye to become blind; an ugly sight.
    “Besayed” Night breathed, the color on his face drained.
    The man, Besayed, laughed loudly. “You remember,”
    Of course Night remembers. Besayed taught him every battle skills he knows now. They got along great, almost like father and son. The scar gashed on his face was from protecting Night from being killed by a very skilled assassin.
    “What are you doing here?” Night asked, holding back frightened trembles.
    “Everyone died because of you” Besayed hissed with intense hatred. “My family—all gone because of you” he punched, but Night disappeared into the darkness once again. “The great soul that protects us all—HA! Such lies…the great soul is nothing but a selfish coward” he spat at the ground.
    Above him was Night, hanging from a chandelier. He was as quiet as snow.
    “Your choice made us all suffer…and then you left and betrayed us all. Killing everyone wasn’t enough, oh no it wasn’t. Now that you’ve gone, we have no one to protect us,”
    Besayed jumped and grabbed hold of the chandelier. Night quickly got off, but he was too slow. Besayed lunged at him. He grabbed Night’s arm and threw him with great force. Night hit the concrete wall and cracked it. He fell onto old storage boxes, coughing up blood.
    “You...should be dead” Night wheezed.
    He was replied with menacing laughter. “I drank the life potion to keep me alive to this day”
    Life potion? “That’s mad! The potion would mutate your body, and when the magic fades away, you would die a most painful and slow death.”
    He laughed again. “I don’t care. The satisfaction of your death would bring me peace,”
    Night stood up, his head bleeding and his left hand broken. “I can’t die, and you know that”
    “That’s right” Besayed agrees. “But your not wearing your necklace, which means that your not as eternal anymore. Prepare to die for everything you’ve done, Night.”
    part 8