• The Sun was up, and bright as hell. I cussed and turned over wishing my hangover away. I flipped over and touched somthing warm. dread crawled up my spine and into my stomach, making my head momentarily clear, there, next to my naked body, was a naked Chris looking at me. Profanity doesnt even begin to explain what was coming out of my mouth. He smirked and yawned, stretching his arms lazily. He then turned to me and wrapped his arms around me, then he twisted his head up to me and said." thanks for being gentle...it was my first time..." for a second I froze, and he leaned up to my face and said all blushing and cute in a small voice (who is this person!?!?! xd what happened to the Chris we know and love!?!?) "I love you Matt..." he leaned in to kiss me when I, quite literally, jumped out of bed. I cussed at the light, and began shakily "l-look, i dont know what happened, but...I was drunk and you were....doing...something..and I am sure as hell your not a ******** virgin!...or that you love me.."he sounded unsure at the last part, and Chris smirked, and lazily got up, exposing his gloriously nude body. "You dont remember?" Matt shook his head vigerously..."Now....how bout i help you remember?" He walked up behing Matt and embraced his stomach. " You used this," he stretched his arm up his stomach, across his chest and shoulders, all the way to Matts hand, " And this" he did the same to the other one, " and most definitely this!" Both hands went downwards and grabbed his moneymaker ( xd ) Matt gasped something incoherently. after many minutes or this, and some not pg profanity. Chris burst out laughing and resumed his normal self. "so- sorry, love. Y-your face...to...funny!!!" Matt pouted for a bit then sighed. This had never happened before, but Chris took a liking to teasing his close friends.....a lot....( i want Chris to tease me....>:3)
    "Heeeeeey...heeeey Chris!" Charles ran down the stairs excitedly.
    "wanna go to a club?!?!?!?!?!"
    immediately Chris and Charles were in the car heading to the club. Chris liked nothing better than clubbing...loud music, alcohol, hot guys, and frat boys, whats not to like? They arrived and Charles ran off, probably getting some girl for later that night. Chris went to get his drink. oh, alcohol, you suit me so well....he was interrupted by a man, who had offered him a drink. Chris winked, and took a large gulp, catching a spare olive with his toungue, he played with it rather visibly, catching the bartender and the drink givers eye. Having his share of drinks he swaggered over to the generous patron of the night. He had midnight hair, all ruffled like he ran his hand through it a lot, and the most curious greenish yellow eyes. How charming~ He was tall, and well built, Chris was happy with this rather gorgeous man.Rather young but thats never stopped Chris before~ He began the flirting game, and finally he got to the point " So what was the drink for?" He said this with his signature smirk, and a sexy wink. ( damn hes fine X3) The man put up his hand " the game is up, Ive loved our talk, but I actually wanna know if you'll do something for me..." Chris played cool, but inside, his inner self perked up. like a dare? hmmm...the man continued " See, I bought these, but they didn't fit my boyfriend.. (awwwww...no scoring for Chris)....so Would you like them?" Chris paused.The hottie wasn't available...the only thing Chris didn't do was break up relationships. He then had an idea. He was in a club. Full of hot guys. A very, very evil smile showed itself. " Well...since you asked so nicely...of course!" They disappeared to the bathroom for a couple minutes, and returned with a very fine looking Chris...His hair was flattened and a pair cat ears matched his hair perfectly. Gold elbow gloves on his hands, and a skintight black shirt, with gold striped skinny jeans with a told striped tail hanging out. Even the taken man was thinking of banging him. He gave a very appealing " nya!" before stepping out on the floor. You could see people freeze. Some people retreated, other came closer...almost uncomfortably so. After the girls realized they had no chance they merely watched. The bravest came forward and started to dance with him, and when he approved he would dance back, or purr, sometimes both. Suddenly a song he liked came on, and he started rubbing up against a competitor, like a very sexy human cat. Needless to say, the frat boy had to leave due to nosebleed. (hehe) Now an older man came up, a more sexy one. He lasted until Chris gave him a lap dance. Now people were trying as hard as they could, but no one had succeeded. But Chris was tired. He didn't like any of them...he sighed and went to the bar for a drink. The bar tender chuckled and winked. He was 27ish, with natural red hair. a rarity. " Nice crowd you got there " " hehe, indeed. None my type tho.." the bartender leaned in real close until they were almost touching, and whispered " and whats that type kitty-chan?" it was a deep and attractive voice and Chris smiled and leaned as close as he could without touching him and whispered in his ear, " Youll just have to find out, wont you, a-k-a-g-e-san?" "heh" he chuckled and moved back, cleaning a glass. They continued to talk for a hour or so, and Chris was rather comfortable with his company. But, being Chris, he HATED this lukewarm thing they had going on...he wanted hot! So, in a timely display, a depressed and woman less Charles came up and motioned for Chris to "hurry-up-or-im-leaving-you-lucky-b*****d" someone was unlucky~ Chris grinned and motioned for the bartender to come closer. "hey...im leaving...are you going to let me?" that voice was enough to let a weaker man attack him....it was the "sexy-cat-purr" voice. But this man...he just grinned and said "byebye neko~" Chris refrained from any further action and skipped out, after blowing a kiss to his fans, and ran right in to....the rain.."damn....i liked these ears....maybe there waterproof?" He was walking out to Charles's impatient car, when suddenly he was grabbed from behind and swung around. His lips met something warm...and talented. They stayed kissing, deeper and deeper, while Charles pulled up to see what the hold up was.
    He got to see Chris get soaking wet while he made out with a taller man. When they finally broke apart panting, he didn't hear, but the bartender whispered in Chris's ear, " Come back to my place Neko....you'll get some milk." Chris started to laugh, just at the pure stupidity of that line. "h-heh sure, love. Y-you'll get some t-too"
    Rain drenched them both, flattening Chris's hair and cat ears, his skin tight shirt seemed to become more form fitting, and he leaned against the older man, and gently kissed him. "nya...Give me some milk, master~"
    they left, leaving a blushing Charles sitting in his car.