• Preface
    Three dragons were in front of two legendary Japanese dragons. One was black, one was silver, and one was just brown. The legendary eclipse dragon who was supposed to take Black Rose, Rosemary, and Jasmine was nowhere insight. Instead were two legendary dragons. One was the legendary dragon of fire and sunlight, Sun dragon. The other was the legendary dragon of water and moonlight, Moon dragon.
    They were arguing over whether or not the baby dragons should be Moon dragons. Suddenly the Sun dragon said, "Moon dragon, you cannot have them for their powers are great and powerful. We don't know what their powers can do or what their powers' extent!" The Moon Dragon cried out, "I will have them and nobody will stand in my way! Even if it means killing you Sun Dragon." Moon dragon's voice was cold. Suddenly the blue dragon fired water at Sun dragon. She cried out and flapped her great big red wings to dry herself.
    She breathed fire at the Moon dragon leaving him scorched. He roared and created a title wave. She tried to fly away, but wasn't in time, she was caught in the wave and she washed up on the ground.
    The Sun Dragon looked at Jasmine. “One day,” the sun dragon gasped for breath, “You will need these, and I give you, a big responsibility to guard, but I know you can do it, you and your sisters can.”
    With her last breath, the Sun dragon breathed in, and then let out a small flame on her body. The beautiful red scales came to life in the light, it seemed, that something faded just a tiny bit, and the flames danced high towards the stars.
    As the flames died away, red ash glittered, changing to different shades of red. Scarlet, blood red, orange red, sunset red, fiery red, all kinds of red colors. Jasmine, Kharma and Kitty crawled over to the ash.
    A red glimmering spirit appeared in front of the three sisters that crowded around her brilliant red ashes. “In order to keep balance in the dragon world, I must join my ancient ancestors in the stars. Not many Sun Dragons die, but nothing is eternal. And so, I must leave you, to continue what has started long ago before you were born. Take this, and touch my ashes. A blessing shall come over to you, and you shall be hidden out of anybody's reach, but if you need to be reawakened, somebody will be there to wake each of you.” The spirit of the Sun dragon leaned down and in a swirl of red mist, a small golden pouch with a flame on it appeared. “Use this to protect the ash, and where ever you go, Jasmine, the bag shall follow.” The red spirit glitched for a moment, before she began to fade. “Hide my ash from the Moon Dragon! For you will need it one day and it will not be useful if he has it!” And then, in a swirl of stars and red mist, the Sun Dragon disappeared away.
    Jasmine looked at the pouch in her talons, then at the red ash. What the Sun Dragon said, made clear in her newborn dragon ears. Even if she was a newborn, she had already become quick witted and smart. The little brown dragon slid the red ashes into the red pouch, then held it out for her sisters to touch. “We three are to go into hiding, but someone will wake us again. I promise.”
    Black Rose, being a strong, hardheaded fight starting kind of dragon she is, knew her sister was right. Jasmine would be the only one besides her sister Rosemary, to calm her temper. “Then I shall touch the ash.” Black Rose put in her black taloned hand. The ash glowed slightly, but not enough.
    Rosemary, being a deep thinker, but also a hyperactive insane dragon was having second thoughts. “Are you sure it's okay, I mean, to forget? We'll forget each other, being a dragon, we'll even forget the Sun Dragon.”
    “We don't have a choice Rosemary. We have to do what's right. And we have to go into hiding to keep balance between all the dragons, and don't worry, we'll be awakened when the time comes.”
    Rosemary thought, then put her silver taloned hand in. The ash glowed brighter, but still would not work. “We'll remember, one day, won't we?”
    Jasmine nodded her head, and put in her own brown taloned hand and smiled at her sisters before a bright flash went off. “Yes, we'll remember each other someday......”
    The Moon dragon had disappeared out of surprise. When the flash wore off, in the place of Black Rose, Rosemary, and Jasmine were human babies. The human babies' names were Katara, Kharma, and Kitty. A group of people came up to the top of the mountain.
    There were 6 humans. One man and woman took Kharma. Another man and woman took Kitty. There was one man and one woman left. They came and picked Katara up. They carried her back to the car.
    When Katara woke up, she was in a room of some sort. The woman stared down at her and gave her a bottle. It had a liquid in it. The woman pushed the bottle in Katara's mouth and watched as Katara drank the milk. When Katara finished Katara started to fall asleep. The woman said "Alan, you know that one day, Katara will learn the truth, and she will be in danger, right?”
    Alan nodded his head glumly. “We'll have to be careful. And, if that happens, then we'll do something we'll hate.” He was avoiding saying it, because it hurt.
    Emily nodded her head. “Even so, that is the fate for our daughter. We swore to that person that we would care for Katara, and raise her, it just hurts that one day, we could....we could....” Emily's voice faltered and she hugged Katara close.
    Alan rubbed Emily's back. “Ssh. For now, let's use our time wisely, and who knows? Maybe that day won't come after all.” Alan knew this was false hope, but he needed to calm the mood. What was done was done and nothing is stop the destiny that awaited the couple and their newly adopted daughter.

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