• Nivoni woke up. HE saw the man standing over him. His head felt like it had been run over by tenthousand grunnies. His mouth Had a fowl taste. The man was trickling a black liquid of some sort into his mouth. "Gross! What is this?"Nivoni asked, spitting out the liquid.
    "You're alive!" The man shouted.
    "Of course I'm alive!" Nivoni said.
    "you got hit pretty hard. You were gone. But I brought you back," The man said.
    Nivoni began to remember every thing, the imprisonment, the battle, and even dying.
    "Who are you?"Nivoni asked.
    "You are my son. I am Nivonias Rekira," the man said.
    "Where are we?" Nivoni questioned.
    "We are in the land of Celeste. I will open the portal so we can get back to Gaia," He explained.
    His father brought out a big necklace and started to swing it around his head. He chanted,

    Tos tonit Kari Dav Xouilionra Tonit Tos Tompurano Rantuyi Dyos Dee Sable Rseag VeVeto

    A bright shimmering portal opened up. Nivoni and his father were about to step through when the Queen pushed in his father, and forever closing the portal back to Gaia forever.
    "NO!"Nivoni screamed, tears running down his face.He turned around.He felt Power surging through his veins. He used every ounce of his strenght to make a ball of blue light and threw it at her. She screamed and fell backwards. She was unconcious. Nivoni looked down at his hands. He had no clue he could do that. The Queen started to moan. He didn't want to be around when she woke up. HE gathered his father's things, a sleeping mat, two blankets, a pillow, enough food for three weeks, a gun, ammo, and a small gwee that was nesting in his bag. He also took a bag of gold that was tied to the queens belt. He started to walk to a small town he saw on the horizon. He knew there was a long journey ahead of him. And he was ready.

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