• tab I entered the code into the computer. It made a small beep. I looked at my LC watch. 1,051,200 minutes gone. 2 years. This was worth it.
    tab The file downloaded onto the LC and a little button onscreen was added. Walking out of the room, I shut down the computer and closed the door.
    tab Beep beep. The LC detected a source nearby. I looked around for the person. There. A woman, her body looked about 26 or so, but it was possible that she was older. I walked briskly toward her. Once I was 15 or so feet away from her, I pressed the touch screen on my LC. I looked at the screen, the minutes were going up, 200,000 at a time. She slowly aged before me. The minutes that came into my LC were instantly put into stash.
    tab I knew that she noticed, because she touched her face, and a horrible look came across it. Before she could scream, she crumpled onto the ground.
    tab I walked over to her body, the download stopped, and picked up her wrist. The LC said 72 min. A little over an hour, and this woman would be gone. A whisper came from her mouth.
    tab "Wull uh heff six wimmy?
    tab "What?"
    tab She spoke again. Oh, a skank, I thought. "No ma'am," then I stood up and walked away.
    tab Later that night on the news, the newslady said that "We have been hacked."
    tab "The software has finally been developed, and it can be used to 'hack' LC watches. A woman was found earlier today, dead in the streets, no minutes on her LC. When the watch was checked for a life report, it showed death from old age. Then her minutes spent was checked. About 30,000,000 minutes were taken from her in two minutes time. Not a single thing costs this much, and so it was decided that her watch was hacked."
    tab Crap, I thought. The software wasn't supposed to be found so soon.
    tab I called one of my colleagues, a man only known as xX_White_Rum_Xx, and he answered within the second ring.
    tab A yawn. "Hm, hello?" he asked drowsily.
    tab "Hey, I need some help." I said to him.
    tab "May I ask who this is?"
    tab "It is Syrup_on_ROFLs," I told him.
    tab "Oh, hey buddy, so how is that new software working out?"
    tab "Not so well, they already know that someone was hacked, after the first goddamn time!"
    tab "Whoa, simmer down gunpowder. That's alright, with the software came a litte 'present'. Now your LC is not trackable, so it is as if a ghost program just destroyed her minute frame. Nothing to freak out about."
    tab "Well I am gonna freak out until you prove to me that they don't know it was me, and until they think it was a ghost program."
    tab Just then, the door burst open, and three armed men wearing black clothes with helmets and Z-M Weapons LR 300s (never put into service) came in the door.
    tab "Get on the floor, United States LCH forces!" Quickly I pushed the small button on the screen, and the minutes piled up. They started to shoot. Everyone that hit me took thirty years away from my life. Two did, and my skin was saggy, my eyesight horrible, and what flashes of light I could see, I couldn't hear the explosions to go with them. But by that time, they were all in their mid sixties, and I was healing fast. They died, but I was frightfully healthy. Still a bit old though, probably at age fourty. I went to the stash of minutes from the skank.
    tab Back at age 24, I felt good, but I was not going to be able to take on a small army like that again. That hurts like hell.
    tab I grabbed a gun from one of the deceased men on my floor, then headed toward my closet. I opened the door and went inside, then opened the small trapdoor on the bottom. Into the sewers I go.